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  1. I loved his work, he made the best Christmas album ever and worked with a lot of cool people. Ultimately he was a murdering shitbag though
  2. I think it's ok to say what's about but no links to bootlegs etc. Also make it clear to others not to ask for links in the chat. Hope that helps
  3. Only a few guest spots like Adler did. The book was badly written and Matt came across as a big headed arsehole IMO
  4. Come on you boring lot, join in, laugh and kill people. It's a fucking good laugh.
  5. count it as one of your 5 a day
  6. @albowhead That's some serious talent you have there, amazing!
  7. Nobody understandsQuite why we're hereWe're searchin' for answersThat never appear Never have the lyrics to Dead Horse made more sense
  8. I wouldn't be surprised if the gigs are postponed again in London but if they do go ahead it's possible they do a shortened set list. How will they keep everyone safe? Will we still have to be socially distanced? I had already decided not to go before Covid but i'm thinking a lot have decided not to get tickets yet, there's tickets available everywhere.
  9. It looks fake to me, it does say they will accept returns. I feel bad for the person that gave you this in good faith.
  10. If you were meaning to be funny then i apologise, but your post before was a rant about 'reaction' vids. Merry christmas but you'll never be as chill as me
  11. Most of us get what you mean and you always make me laugh
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