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  1. It was 2015 actually and I do try to listen to CD once a year, I really wish I could like it but it ain't happened yet. Maybe next year it'll sound better...or not
  2. I voted new material based on the highlighted. If it's CD style then he can keep his peace of mind
  3. So you only like current things? At what point does shit become worth something and useful? Does this theory only work with music? interesting point of view
  4. Because we get reported for it, same with YT videos. Only official authorised stuff can be posted. It's not what we want either but it's better than losing the forum
  5. Axl had an amazing singing talent but he also had big issues. He wasted so much time that he'll never get back.
  6. ISE - Really good, No Mickey WTTJ - Pretty good, no Mickey SORRY- I'm not so familiar with this song, a bit nasal in places but passable RQ - Awful, way too Mickey. It gets a bit better near the end UTLH - He sings it too high Nightrain - My favourite track, instrumentally great, let down by the vocals. Nice shot of Fortus's left tit.
  7. I haven't watched a selects for sometime, i'm gonna give it a try because of you lot praising it
  8. I think these are 2019 @lame ass security
  9. Lol, I think you may have been believing so called 'insiders' Who said Slash wasn't 'reliable financially' after the divorce? He got rid of the biggest financial drain-Perla That wasn't TB. That was Sharon Maynard(yoda) and her husband
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