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  1. I'm going on holiday and have to do a test while away, I have to do it on Zoom. Anyone done that before?
  2. You'll love it down south, we have inside loos
  3. @Gambit83 TB are fools, Beta has a nasty streak as seen on her IG interaction with anyone who questions them/Axl. Fernando talks down to people and plays dumb when asked about the takedowns. Pricks. Keep up the good work, you're about the only fun thing left in the world of GNR fans and ex-fans. p.s. I think now would be the perfect time to interview Dustin Bones
  4. 100% agreed. Those players have done more for England than any of those racist cunts. Rashford is a hero in my book
  5. Tbh I don't think I'm ready to face this recent selects. I'm still recovering from the previous one
  6. I'm not going to any of the shows, and that's a first for me.
  7. When i saw them at Wembley '91 they opened with Perfect Crime and half the concert was unreleased UYI material, it worked really well. We had to wait another few weeks to get the albums.
  8. I think only members can c & p, i believe you have to use a hosting site like https://imgbb.com/
  9. Anyone who disagrees with another posters POV should most definitely use the block feature if they don't want to debate it. Simples.
  10. People I know who ain't into rock music have still heard of GNR, usually just SCOM and WTTJ, because they still get airplay on radio and have been used in movies or commercials. I don't think they would recognise a Metallica song. IIRC Enter Sandman is the only song of theirs that charted on the mainstream charts.
  11. Yeah the shows were great and at the time we were not aware of the tensions off stage, we were in blissful ignorance.
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