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  1. Love it. Remember us when you're rich and famous
  2. They released that Nuguns dvd, i don't think quality control is something they've ever heard of
  3. @jamillosThank you for the thanks! The Members Club is a one off payment, a life membership
  4. Yeah, I'm serious. At the start it was exciting, the build up, the what ifs, who's in the band etc. I loved it! I hadn't seen GNR since 1993 so i got tickets to both nights in London, both nights were fun but they were far from great. Axl's vocals were awful to my ears.and his voice was what initially drew me to the band. If Slash hadn't returned i'd have more new music from him which means more gigs. I'm really happy for the younger fans who never got to see them before but i'll stick with the 'old band' I hate CD btw
  5. Tbh i'm more a fan of Slash and to me he seems very different with GnR than with his own band.
  6. I don't even consider them a real band anymore. I love their old stuff but i rarely play it, there's not a lot to choose from after all. I had already decided after 2017 that i won't bother seeing them anymore. Axl sounds awful and there's no chemistry with the band. I'll stick to watching pre '94 shows and SMKC
  7. I've never thought the Illusions albums had filler, i like every track. I don't consider My World a real track, just an extra bit thrown in.
  8. https://www.gq.com/story/final-comeback-axl-rose @Blackstar Do you have this on the archive (A4D)?
  9. @Blackstar If anyone could find it...
  10. @Blackstar I'm sure you are the one to help here
  11. I thought you replaced GNR with the BeeGees. Halloween is overrated, you ain't missing anything
  12. when i was a kid trick or treat wasn't even invented
  13. I can't see anyone trick or treating this year.
  14. Locked. We already have a covid thread.
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