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  1. Slash is like my postman, he always delivers Axl's like a dodgy car mechanic, can't get the right parts
  2. Yes. The forum could get shut down if we break the rules. YT posts must be from official channels only, that also applies to any other band/singer. We know it sucks but it's not our fault.
  3. It was the only track from all the leaks that I could ever remember, I guess it is more classic sounding and that's why I liked it. Never liked any of the other leaks apart from, The Blues being an exception.
  4. It's great they don't have to do covers anymore, they have enough material of their own to chose from. Wish they'd do Battleground though. The crowds were pretty wild in London, and they used it for the dvd.
  5. I never knew The Exploited were still around, and yeah it has a similar sound too 🧷
  6. any ticket selling site will have them, I got mine a week before in 2017
  7. scratch the cash bags , if you find Ashba or Pitman, you lose
  8. It's like parenting, you have to big up even the smallest achievement to encourage them to do more, granted that Axl has been at the toddler stage for far too long but y'know, baby steps.
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