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  1. I would absolutely love it if Izzy is on a new record, especially if that mid-90s stuff he was working on for GN'R got used, assuming Izzy didn't use all that stuff up already on other projects.
  2. I wish everyone would give Axl a bit of a break on the live vocals. I guarantee you no one is more down on his inability to bring it for three hours every night (like he used to be able) than Axl is. He still goes out there and gives it 100%. Goes out on time. No real drama has gone on as far as we know since Duff and Slash agreed to come back. I think a studio record will give Axl a chance to show he's still more solid on vocals than we think. Honestly, as I think about it, a studio album being able to better let Axl's vocal capabilities of today shine might be one of the main reasons I'm hoping they do a record. Obviously a new record would feature a lot of old unreleased vocals, but I bet we'd still get some new, recently recorded vocals as well
  3. If Hard Skool released on either of the Illusions it would be viewed as the "solid tune that is deserving of being on a good GN'R record" reception it deserves rather than what it faces being released today in this situation
  4. An EP would be awesome because they wouldn't release an EP without an album to follow it up. So instead of getting a just a new album, you get an EP as well to tide you over until the album
  5. I'm curious to hear how different Hard Skool sounds from the full song leak. From what I understand, the full leak sounds like an incomplete song, almost like a song concept or demo.
  6. I am so freaking excited to hear this song finally finished!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Wow. Axl has just been a class act every day with every challenge the band has come across during the NITL era. I'm completely impressed and proud of him. We can complain all day about vocals and lack of new music and I think the latter is worth discussing but I'm just proud of how he has been out there working with Duff and Slash
  8. I know most prefer 2 but I honestly like 1 more. I think some of the filler tracks are quite underrated, particularly; Bad Obsession and Bad Apples. I think Don't Cry and November Rain are some of the best ballad rock singles ever made. Even if you find November Rain "corny", I think the song deserves respect. Coma is a monster of a masterpiece. There isn't a single track on UYI 1 that reaches the lows of UYI 2; Get in The Ring and My World Looking back, I'm surprised that for so long UYI 2 got the reputation of being the better of the two albums. UYI 2 has arguably my two fav GN'R tracks with KOHD and Locomotive though. I also think Breakdown might be GNR's most overlooked track. I call Breakdown overlooked because I feel like it when it comes to GN'Rs fantastic deep cuts (Coma, Locomotive, etc), I feel like Breakdown is mentioned the least I love the Illusions. Fantastic albums
  9. Broken glass and cigarettes, Writing on the wall, It was a bargain for the summer, And I thought I had it all.
  10. Frankenstein or Frankenstein's Monster wouldn't be a bad name for a new GN'R record.
  11. This is fascinating. It's just great seeing those two on solid terms again. I've read a lot over the years that some people say they never were that close in the band, and maybe compared to Axl's friendship with Duff and Izzy, Axl isn't that close to Slash and vice versa. But maybe people downplay their friendship too. They are one of the most iconic duos in music and I know Axl's voice isn't what it used to be but I'm proud of Axl going out every night and making it work with Slash. I hope the two of them are having a great time.
  12. Do we know when Axl called Slash? This isn't referring to the 2015ish phone call to Slash's mom to get the ball rolling on the NITL era? I remember reading in a few places that Slash drove to Axl's home around 2006 and yelled outside at the gate that he needed to talk to Axl or something to that extent
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