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  1. Found this on Instagram...I don't think the information is official though. What do you think about this ?
  2. I am wondering why you would classify Axl as "stupid" and a "low IQ individual" because this statement seems quite interesting. Which aspects make you think this way ?
  3. https://giphy.com/gifs/KdAvJUY83vGC9NI7M5 Tried to embed it ...didn't work out unfortunately. It was really a joint according to the people who were there and apparently Duff looked really surprised. It was filmed in Vancouver during the 2017 tour by the way.
  4. Do you guys remember when someone threw a joint on stage like two years ago and Axl took a drag ?
  5. Axl thanked the band, crew and fans during Knocking On Heavens Door. But he did not talk about the future of the band.
  6. Looks like the airport in Oklahoma City because I recognize the buildings in the background
  7. Does anyone know if the Axl/DC videos are being affected by these take downs as well ?
  8. The start time in Gelsenkirchen last year was at 7.30 PM and they were really punctual as far as I can remember. I'm pretty sure there were more shows when they started at 7.30 PM,
  9. That might be true ... I just thought it was surprising that he was having problems with this song after he sang it really well in the past consecutive nights.
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