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  1. @FernandoCheers Fernando! And a tip! (Please, read this, it is important) Hi Fernando, how are you? A lot of people liked the Houston & Mexico City 2016 Select and the fact that you heard us, the fans! Putting Houston 2016 was a nice thing, everybody loves that concert! Mexico City was good either. The majority of the complaints was about the mixing, it could have been better and made the Selects a lot better than what they already were, but the Select was good overall. This is the kind of thing that will make the gap closer time to time, I mean, giving the fans what they want. It doesn’t need necessarily to be giving the fans free content, this is nice, but it could be with paid released material too. The fans would happily buy it, you have a true and passionate fanbase! And we feel we need to be treated better by the band. The fans want more live material, specially from the period from 1987 to 1993 and 2016. I really want to help the band and the fans, so here is a big tip and step in the right direction: —> Houston 2016 is the show fans really want the most from the NITL Tour. Said that, I know you have professionally shot specific gigs for release purposes and maybe Houston 2016 isn’t one of them, but we really think it deserves an official release by the band at least as a live album, because it is a great show overall and everyone loves this show like I said before. The fans would happily buy it, because it represents the band at its greatness of the NITL Tour. Besides that, if making a physical format of this concert as a live album would be a problem, you could release it in a paid digital format, we would still like in that way, as long as it was very well mixed. Another thing, if the November Rain part with the broken piano would be a problem for the release too, you could put the November Rain from the Mexico City Select in its place, it is a good performance of the song. It really wouldn’t be a problem for the fans, we don’t mind, we just really want this gig officially released and well done by the band at least as a live album. Just a live album of Houston 2016 would be good, would be enough, as long as it was very well mixed. All the band is shining at this performance, it is like an epic show. Well, this is just a tip from a fan who understands and interacts with a lot of other fans. This is a tip to help both the band and the fans to make the gap more closer. This is a step in the right direction. Kind regards, A true and passionate GN’R fan.
  2. @FernandoHi Fernando, how are you? 1 - Could you say if there is going to be any live release regarding the NITL Tour, please? Any live album and DVD or Blu-Ray? Houston 2016 would be an excellent choice. 2 - Are there going to be any new shows in the Box of the Use Your Illusion albums? One or two shows from each year of the Use Your Illusion Tour would be the ideal thing to do, a very good release. I mean, 1 or 2 from 1991, 1 or 2 from 1992 and 1 or 2 from 1993. These shows in live album and DVD or Blu-Ray formats.
  3. @troccoliHi bro, how are you? I know I’ve already suggested things to you, but about live material on the box, maybe the ideal thing would be for it to have one concert from each year of the UYI tour to demonstrate the different periods of it and to satisfy all tastes. These things in live album and Blu-Ray formats.
  4. I think a good option for release would be a live album and/or live Blu-Ray containing a compilation of the Madison Square Garden dates that were in 12/09/1991, 12/10/1991 and 12/13/1991. (Because in that way, it would have a larger amount of songs, strong and solid performances and some rare songs people enjoy like Perfect Crime, Breakdown, Locomotive and even My Michelle which is kind of rare in the UYI Tour)
  5. THE SECOND STEP OF THE HOUSTON 2016 PLAN: More and more people are joining the cause and this is very good. Now, we are going to talk about the second move. It is more ambitious and it has two phases: Phase 1: Go on the following Reddit link and comment this: /u/flebeis #ReleaseHoustonAlbum Reddit link: That way, you will be marking Fernando on the comment so he can see it better and see there is a high demand for Houston 2016. IF YOU WANT TO ADD SOMETHING MORE TO YOUR COMMENT, REMEMBER: BE KIND AND POLITE, NOT RUDE. Phase 2: Follow them in their social media accounts and comment in their latest post the hashtag: #ReleaseHoustonAlbum And while doing that, we need to like other comments with this hashtag or similar Houston 2016 content too! Let’s do this guys! Let’s make our voices heard! And spread the word! IF YOU WANT TO ADD SOMETHING MORE TO YOUR COMMENT, REMEMBER: BE KIND AND POLITE, NOT RUDE. Here are the accounts to do that: —> Instagram accounts: Fernando Lebeis (the manager): @flebeis Guns N’ Roses: @gunsnroses Slash: @slash Duff McKagan: @officialduffmckagan Richard Fortus: @4tus Dizzy Reed: @dizzyfnreed Frank Ferrer: @thefrankferrer Melissa Reese: @themelissareese —> Twitter accounts: Fernando Lebeis (the manager): @FLebeis Guns N’ Roses: @gunsnroses Slash: @Slash Duff Mckagan: @DuffMcKagan Axl Rose: @axlrose Richard Fortus: @richardfortus Dizzy Reed: @DizzyReed Frank Ferrer: @FrankFerrer66 Melissa Reese: @TheMelissaReese —> Facebook accounts: Guns N’ Roses: https://m.facebook.com/gunsnroses/ Slash: https://m.facebook.com/Slash/ Duff Mckagan: https://m.facebook.com/duffmckagan/ Richard Fortus: https://m.facebook.com/richard4tus/ Frank Ferrer: https://m.facebook.com/thefrankferrer/ —> YouTube account (latest video): For those who didn't see the FIRST STEP, it is in the following link:
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