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  1. Hey Fernando would you consider going on the Appetite for Distortion Podcast with Brando. He honestly respects his guest and would be willing to chat about anything. You set the parameters and he will respect them. Anything, doesn’t even need to be gnr related. Could be about your life whatever

  2. I am 100% kidding. But we should do something for mygnr and other forums alike. Would be cool.
  3. Axl doesn't hate. Maybe we should do a MyGnR / Garbage Truck collab? Ha, anyways, will try to hop on later. TO discuss lithos.
  4. I actually have one starting in 20minutes. 11-2pm. bro. Please read that as ZoSo's post a few pages ago. Had me laughing.
  5. Vinyls for sure, physical as well. Vinyls turn around times are super slow at the moment, but it's in the works. Sorry, this whole proper planning thing is new to me.
  6. Sorry, I was talking about your signature. But, yes, yes and maybe yes?
  7. You can't make it unhappen. Sorry. Also, your art; though needs work. I feel that eventually people will learn to enjoy them. The one with the girl looks good, poor choice of colors, but it's a start. Could we vote on what it could be?
  8. I only came here for this. I just wanted to quote it so it's forever kept.
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