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  1. 4 minutes ago, RageKage said:

    Can we expect some songs we haven't heard from this lineup on the current tour? Like illusion deep cuts?

    Not going to comment on the setlist until it becomes public! :)

    Just now, GNRfanJen said:

    Hello again Fernando 👋🏼 

    Since you’re back again so soon on MyGNR I take it as a good sign that we didn’t manage to piss you off enough to leave and never come back :lol:

    Ha, nah you didn't, not that it really truly matter, right?  However, I feel it's only a matter of time.

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  2. 16 minutes ago, edsonandhudson said:


    Don't you think the misinformation is in part GNR's fault? I mean, you guys basically disappear until you have something new to sell. It's been 10 years since CD. Slash's return was great but he's now preparing for a new Conspirators release. People are confused. Some of them express themselves with anger, some are trolls, some are clueless fans who hate the fact of being clueless.

    You can place blame, you may be right or you may be wrong, depends on who you ask or how much a person knows.

    I don't feel that it's right that you only hear from us when we have something to sell, we try and voice any and all accomplishments or future endeavors.  Be a tour or an award. (Award, be a contest winner or a fun activity.) 



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  3. Just now, Hejanne said:

    I love the lithos. But will anything be done to keep the scalpers from buy them all? I've heard so many stories of fans waiting in line for hours, not being able to get their hands in a single litho because of scalpers not even going to the show.


    And how's Axl doing?

    We limited the quantity one person can purchase.  I wasn't made aware of the issue until the MSG shows.  

    Just now, Lim666 said:

    Regarding the ultimate kick-ass AFD box with old demos....are there any plans for releasing (pre-)AFD related live videos? Marc Canter is a good guy!!

    We can agree to disagree.

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