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  1. So we're back trying to figure GN'R songs out that the party goers didn't bother to listen? Great...
  2. Who the fuck they think they are? How dare they release music for their fans! You just can't release music or have plans on releasing music when ever you want! This isn't Burger King where you can have it your way. Didn't they read the official GN'R management manual book on how to run a successful band? Amateurs! Thinking they can release music and post videos for their fans with such ease. No respect for themselves. Their lack of delays, no endless tinkerings and no silence from their camp disgust me. Sad!
  3. I love this. It's an alternative rock version.
  4. "In other news GN'R hired guitarist and professional Izzy Stradlin impersonator Richard "Hopefully Soon" Fortus explains the possibility of another GN'R album dropping soon, if not hopefully sooner." Are we really desperate for a Melissa interview about nothing interesting? Sad!
  5. Did they play Perhaps? Someone mentioned a piano type song playing too.
  6. His take on it sounds good, but the guitars don't match the actual cellphone recording. It's cool either way. Sucks this song will never be released...
  7. That new Pike is beautiful. It's on repeat for me.
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