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  1. Chad Smith should reconsider such silly ideas of releasing music and get hard schooled by TB/GNR management. A real management team with realistic goals. Who in the right mind releases new music for their fans? RHCP over here thinking they can release music as they please and have the goddamn nerve to communicate with their fans? I've never felt so insulted in my life. Their lack of silence disturbs me. Sad!
  2. Axl and Slash (with Paul Tobias added into the mix)
  3. This would have been a great song for UYI II outro. You know like a bonus hidden track. haha
  4. I hoping for "Think About You" or maybe "My Michelle" But I doubt anything new. IF anything. Maybe just maybe "Down By The Farm" since its just a cool cover!
  5. Pokemon really? What is Axl a Pokemon or something? I get that his silence is very effective, but I doubt he has an interest in anime.... lol
  6. Why not get the best Axl Rose vocal impersonator to add vocals on those demos from the Village Studios sessions. That will solved the lack of music issue... lol
  7. Axl will be doing Mickey Mouse interpretations of Guns N' Roses songs. You know since he's a cartoon character acting like a rock star. Same setlist. Think of it as a cartoon re-run only shitty. Facts.
  8. Where's the "Let's Starve Our Fanbase Without New Music" option? They're releasing so much music, I can't keep up... 😏
  9. New material. I love to hear more Buckethead and Robin Finck stuff.
  10. I doubt Team Brazil or Axl are going to give any news. Silence is their favorite response and they seem to love it.
  11. So we're back trying to figure GN'R songs out that the party goers didn't bother to listen? Great...
  12. Who the fuck they think they are? How dare they release music for their fans! You just can't release music or have plans on releasing music when ever you want! This isn't Burger King where you can have it your way. Didn't they read the official GN'R management manual book on how to run a successful band? Amateurs! Thinking they can release music and post videos for their fans with such ease. No respect for themselves. Their lack of delays, no endless tinkerings and no silence from their camp disgust me. Sad!
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