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  1. That was God awful. Axl should've been arrested for such a shit performance. I rather listen to fat Vince Meal sing Motley Crue songs in Simlish than endure that Bridge School performance. Poor kids.
  2. Release a Chinese Democracy box set featuring: CD I and CD II, also including a remix album with "the best of CD" that has Slash and Duff on it. Then go full blown mullet rock with fresh new material.
  3. "Seven" is our only hope... But I agree, it's funny though. What confuses me the most is during the October leaks everyone was pretty positive about "The General" and now that's it's officially released. Suddenly most decided that it wasn't worth the wait or just changed opinions about it already.
  4. Now can we officially call it "The Clipping" or "The Clipper"... In all seriousness, I wouldn't be surprised if the CDII version has clipping as well.
  5. "Make Me Bad" by Korn reminded me of it. Haha well the entire Issues album reminded me of "The General".
  6. I like the song. It's right up in my alley. The whole experimental rock stuff is my thing, so that's probably why I personally enjoyed it. However; the clipping is obvious and the overall production could've been better. It's a solid song for me and it reminds me of "Oh My God". I wasn't even around when the "mythical" rumors about this song took place, but I can understand why some of you are disappointed that it's not some epic rock ballad or the next "Coma". Let this be a lesson to NOT put a song in a pedestal that you haven't even heard. Didn't "Prostitute" received some mythical hype that ended up disappointing fans too?
  7. Seven / Tonto "Tonto" would be perfect for a killer Slash guitar solo. The question is... does it have vocals. "Seven" I'm guessing this one has vocals. Curious what it sounds like.
  8. I agree. It's still a great song, but far from some epic ballad. Also regarding Sebastian Bach's comment on "The General". I get the feeling he might have heard a completely different song. Maybe he heard "Seven" and confused it with "The General"?
  9. That "Silkworm" remix Evader did from 2009 was pretty cool. I wish I still had it.
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