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  1. I hope they continue to release stuff. I'm very optimistic about what's next. I'm thankful for what we got. Let's keep the positive energy up
  2. Pretty cool that my industrial metal band drummer also plays for Guns N' Roses.
  3. "Perhaps" with extra "hay, hays" because the ones on the Village leak aren't enough. But seriously, if that song ever gets officially released... I will miss Robin Finck's lead guitars. I hope Slash plays it similar with his own style...
  4. I'm getting used to being cucked by Axl. Maybe I am a cuckold for this band...
  5. I'm curious how casuals are going to react to Hard Skool. I hope Beta doesn't insult anyone who may not like it and just ignores those comments...
  6. Imagine if Axl teased\troll us with "Perhaps" on the piano lol
  7. Wow I never noticed that... i feel you're right. Curious what that song could be.
  8. I do miss the drums from Josh Freese. Still that's just me, I enjoyed the "new" HS.
  9. "Perhaps" Or what modern GN'R would title it... "Perh@p$" gotta be edgy!
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