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  1. Wondering, if they are planning to release one box for each album, or a double Box $et... 🤔😅 300 bucks/box 😅
  2. Of course, i was! 😅 I mean, come on... Literally EVERYBODY is releasing music these days, beside of GNR!!! Whats's the issue??
  3. No tour = no new music. Due to respect of all the Corona dead. How could any musician release an album these days?! How dare they?! 😧
  4. It's the same guy who said "within the next six months" in 2019! Don't believe that troll! 😅
  5. You might be right: this would of course take more time. But they already had FIVE fucking years to get shit done! 😂
  6. This is absolutely fake. Come on... I've heard better Axl impersonators through all these years.
  7. He used this "more to come" phrase already in the past, without releasing any more leaks... my guess is, that he'd already released s.th. if he had more stuff...
  8. https://www.instagram.com/p/CIWTGtylwrYl0NQl4TyTX5kwXgRbWw0m4cHR_s0/?igshid=s5eofgfls5eh
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