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  1. Axl lip synced would mean full rasp! Go for it! 😅
  2. but.... it doesn't matter, how many years are between the first idea and the final release. 5 years, 10 years, 20 years... michelangelo had many students who helped him. in the end it's a michelangelo "product" nobody cares who made the "fillings". at least Duff already worked on HS in 1996 one would assume. in the end, the final song matters. no demos and nothing else... MAYBE the production could be better, but come on... we got an official release by our favourite band. it's a great song...
  3. i'm so sick of this "new song discussion". of course it's NEW, as it wasn't released before. when november rain was released in 1991, nobody was complaining about "axl startet writing this song ages ago!" art in general needs its time. a painting, a song,... it't done when the artist feels right to release it. nobody fucked up michelangelo after painting the sistine chapel over decades. so... relax people. why can't you just enjoy this GNR rocker?! i for myself don't give a fuck how old this song might be, where it has its origins or who's playing the goddamn drums! i love the GNR sound it has, axls vocals, slashs guitar(solo) and the great bass (intro!) as always, complaints, complaints, complaints... :-) was thinking the same!
  4. i've been waiting to hear this song since 2006, when the first 16 sec RAzz version leaked. Damn, i'm so happy about this!!! Duff and Slash definately made it more GNR sounding.. FUCK, THIS I LOVE!!! any accurate lyrics anywhere? are we expecting a video with live footage? (not this animated crap, like they did for absurd and SOYL)
  5. It's just 3pm here in Germany. Fuck, i wanna hear this so badly!!!😩😩😩
  6. Yeah, maybe... this rumor circulated for years already. Definately a possibility.
  7. Guess we'll have to wait and seehee...
  8. Even the Rolling Stone has an article about slashs tic toc vid. They should use this hype and release the fuckin' song for gods sake!
  9. At least the singer has more rasp, than Axl himself! 😂
  10. They did it with OMG too...🤦‍♂️ oh Axl...
  11. Is there a correct transcription of the lyrics anywhere in this forum?
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