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  1. That whole summer was great, especially that day. I remember sitting on my computer all night looking for streams to no avail, but it was special seeing the first clips and pictures when they surfaced.
  2. imagine being popular and having the artistic capabilities to make great music, yet you churn out crappy videos and be boring imagine imagine having all that powerrrr and just wasting it fucking masochists
  3. guns n roses is shit hahahaha

  4. Thanks! Yeah, I was fully clothed and freezing terribly, can't imagine how he felt! Thank you! I didn't use my DSL, but I did record with a 100 watt DSL, which did have a very similar sound to mine.
  5. My band released a music video a couple of days ago, and are also releasing our debut album on the 27th of November, check it out!: Here's our Spotify:
  6. Martin Atkinson is the personification of a wrinkly ballsack
  7. It felt as if Solskjær was convinced that we would be going into extra time, and even though we were regressing within the game, he couldn't make any changes. Almost as if he gets anxiety from making substitutes. Obviously I'm not the expert, but I would've taken out Fred for Matic, move Martial to the left and replacing Rashford with Ighalo. Putting James on was just weird, you know that you can't put crosses in for him, you know he's gonna try (and fail) to score instead of making a good pass. I honestly would've preferred Lingard on there, he has great workrate for what it's worth, and
  8. I have a theory that pretty much all the merch is automatically generated by bots They have all the song titles and album art, plus those generic skeleton pictures, so they have bots that jumble and mix it all together and are automatically put on the store. Same for the animated videos, they have generic animations and they just get pieced together and voilà! At least that's a better excuse than that people spend time making that stuff themselves
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