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  1. Martin Atkinson is the personification of a wrinkly ballsack
  2. Already got that sorted out, I'll show up with a bald cap
  3. Jimi was the first thing that came up in my head when I had the meeting with the officer Usually it's 12 months, but the military camp in my county only requires 6 months of service, with the option of extending it with 6 more months. I'm actually looking forward to it, God knows I need some extra discipline, and the prospect of getting that experience and living on with what hopefully are 6 months well spent really intrigues me. If it turns out to be hell on earth I'll just take a dump in the drill sergeant's office and enjoy being discharged
  4. I'm joining the army I don't know how it is in other countries, but here we have a mandatory ''recruitment'' process, where you first fill out a form, and if you're qualifed, you have to go through some tests and health related check ups, and somehow I passed everything, and will be going through first-time service in the army next year.
  5. Wait, 56 days! Born 1st of October, does it check out?
  6. It felt as if Solskjær was convinced that we would be going into extra time, and even though we were regressing within the game, he couldn't make any changes. Almost as if he gets anxiety from making substitutes. Obviously I'm not the expert, but I would've taken out Fred for Matic, move Martial to the left and replacing Rashford with Ighalo. Putting James on was just weird, you know that you can't put crosses in for him, you know he's gonna try (and fail) to score instead of making a good pass. I honestly would've preferred Lingard on there, he has great workrate for what it's worth, and
  7. I have a theory that pretty much all the merch is automatically generated by bots They have all the song titles and album art, plus those generic skeleton pictures, so they have bots that jumble and mix it all together and are automatically put on the store. Same for the animated videos, they have generic animations and they just get pieced together and voilà! At least that's a better excuse than that people spend time making that stuff themselves
  8. It's becoming a common thing at our shows. The rhythm guitarist, for all his greatness, has horrible picking technique He plays really hard and intense usually, and when it's a great show and he gets even more amped up, he does all he can to hurt himself Honestly I haven't thought about the injuries at our shows all that much. There are the ankles getting fucked and the occasional head injury, but the most severe was a broken tail bone in the audience during a mosh pit. Fucking hilarious honestly
  9. 12th of September, the transfer window opened today and closes on the 5th of October I think.
  10. Sancho, Grealish and/or Van de Beek, plus a defensive midfielder, after that it's safe to assume that the treble is secured Seriously, though. The first team has shown themselves to be unstoppable while playing several games in a week. I think this squad with a quality bench, plus players who are bound to improve will be extremely exciting to watch. Greenwood, Williams, Rashford, all of them are great players and you can only see them go higher. Greenwood's emergence has been especially satisfying to see. Not long ago he was tearing the academy leagues apart, and already has establis
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