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  1. Honestly I don’t think anything will happen for at least a few years. I believe everyone expecting an album soon are setting themselves up for disappointment. Also willing to bet that they won’t play any shows (impromtu or one offs) until the next leg. For some reason I’m back to being disillusioned with the band, even though this may well be the best year for GNR since 2016. Maybe I’m realizing that these are old men reliving their past with seemingly no will to move forward and adapt. It’s just not exciting anymore. I can’t see what people mean by this being a great tour for Axl. He sounds really bad, and the worst thing is it’s not because he doesn’t try. It’s a little sad to see, and it’s not going to get any better. They could do so much cool stuff yet choose to do nothing with their remaining potential.
  2. GN’R posted a soundcheck clip on TikTok without audio. Based on what it looks like Frank is drumming, I think it’s the intro to Hard Skool. (I know how CSI MyGNR that is, but the short snare fill he does is totally what leads to the riff/verse) Somebody please count the bpm on his hi-hat and match it with previous Hard Skool soundchecks hahahaha
  4. Slash just posted a Hardskool soundcheck on his TikTok
  5. Do you have that hi-fi wav file that's ripped from Tidal? Sounds even more huge! It's honestly fucking ridiculous how much I've come to love that song.
  6. Been listening a lot to some of the songs on the Rough Mixes CD's. Truly some gems there, such a shame so little of them got released. State of Grace is probably one of my favourites, I love Axl's performance, but the instrumentation... my god! I love that riff, and I have such a soft spot for riffs that incorporate that flat fifth, (like It's So Easy, The General, Welcome to the Jungle). I used to think that SoG probably could be a couple minutes longer, but I don't see any reason to adding more stuff there, it's short and sweet with a cracking outro! Great stuff. Kind of the opposite with Dummy. It's pretty underrated in my opinion, but it does drag for way too long. I love the vibe from that song. Devious Bastard is also such a badass song, reminiscent of Perfect Crime and Garden of Eden in some ways, just evolved. Not a fan of the quotes and voice recordings added, it's present in so many NuGuns demos, and it's honestly cringeworthy. Works excellently in Madagascar though. There's honestly so much good stuff there that really does hold their own ground without the prescence of Axl and his undeniable vocal capabilites. It's an eternal shame that all we got was Chinese Democracy, and GN'R never got to truly evolve from the sleaze rock image which they definitely did outgrow. The sleaziness is why I got into GN'R in the first place, but what a journey it would have been to go from a bare bones rock n' roll style to whatever could have been. An ever evolving style would in my eyes have cemented GN'Rs legacy in music in a much larger scale. I understand everyone who hates the musical direction GN'R went in, but I feel there's a stronger case to be made for the fact that GN'R would have regressed more had they continued to pump out albums in the vein of Appetite and Illusions. I've been very disillusioned with this band for years, since my personal connection with them kind of got bookended after I got to finally see them live, but the release of Absurd has truly brought me back to being a crazy GN'R nerd again. I welcome and embrace the frustrating dysfunctionality, because there is nothing like it, there's nothing like GN'R. There's a reason that after two decades this forum is still around with several active (and even new!) members discussing. My personal feelings with GN'R get encapsulated with the phone recording of The General. Behind the wall of shit you can hear something. You don't really know what it is, but it's so thrilling. The wailing solo, that haunting motif and Axl belting out some gut wrenching lyrics. ''There's a child now chained to the bed now ... I think it's high time you should fuckin' die, child, I think this time you've broken everything inside''. What the fuck?! How come this isn't out? Based on that clip and the orchestal motif, I really feel that song is something different. Along the lines of Queen's Innuendo perhaps. I don't know, there's just fucking SOMETHING about that song that's been thrilling me for years and years and years. Those lyrics can be so much further from what's actually being sung, but honestly what the actual fuck? That's what fucking confuses me, if I was sitting on that stuff I'd do my BEST to get that out, to get people listening to this. It's so different from everything else from Guns, and that's not even a bad thing! ''And if you listen very hard, the tune will come to you at last'' I still carry hope that Axl finds it in himself to just bring more music. Whether it be orchestal film scores, electronic weirdness or even classic GN'R rock, I don't really give a shit but I do know Axl is a genius. He has so much to give. I love this game!
  7. God I hope Quicksong gets released. It's so fucking cool with so many great riffs. That ''bridgey'' thing between verses and before the solo is made for Slash! The solo even is reminiscent of Slash in some ways, with that major arpeggio, so tasty! Love that song to bits.
  8. This is from weeks ago, but Meegan did post a snippet of Hardskool's soundcheck on Instagram.
  9. First United sign Ronaldo and then this... I might just slip into a coma
  11. Probably because Axl's mom died? If it gets too uncomfortable to sing?
  12. State of Grace and The General have the same melodic intervals (1-5-b5), but are in different keys and follow different rhythmic patterns. (The General is in Eb minor and State of Grace C# minor... I think) Not directed toward Gordon Comstock, but I remember recently seeing speculation regarding them being the same song.
  13. I'll go first, Buckethead and his chicken coop Axl freaking out over Buckethead's hardcore porn obsession Axl jumping out of Slash's car during a confrontation
  14. I don't know anything, it's just that I'm not seeing much reason to get excited. I honestly put as much weight to Slash's and Beta's words as I do with random "insiders", because they've never meant anything. The last time I remember someone saying something that did end up happening was Fernando telling us to "expect news in a few months", about 5 months before the reunion. I do believe that we'll get a new album within a year or two, but I don't see any buzz. It's a reoccuring meme that someone in the band says they've been in the studio recording, and hope to have a record out soon. Obviously the new single makes everything more likely, but I can't find it in me to get excited until it actually happens, if you get me.
  15. Exactly. It's the same thing we've heard for years. Don't get why even some long term users are getting excited haha, why is this time any different? Yes, they did release Absurd, but it's a stand alone release that isn't tied to an album or anything. Stockholm syndrome and MyGNR seem to often go hand in hand. I'd say the best thing to do is to not believe anything and not get excited until something really drops.
  16. Tonight's the night "I'll take a nicotine, caffiene, sugar fix"
  17. Honestly one of the best lines Axl has written. Hit me really hard the first time I heard it.
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