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  1. Off the top of my head? Rod Jackson or M. Shadows, something like that. I'm not trying to stir shit up, I just am not a fan of Myles' voice when it comes to SMKC. He sounds great in Alter Bridge.
  2. I mean, point taken but they'd sound way better with a singer that has more grit.
  3. IMO, Myles' voice is one of the things that makes SMKC sound generic. Myles is a very talented musician but I wish Slash would work with a singer who doesn't sound so "clean". Rod Jackson would be cool.
  4. Ah shit it's working again. There's always next time
  5. It'd be hilarious if Facebook was just deleted from the internet
  6. Honestly I'm just happy it's not another pop star. I'm a big fan of Shady so I'm actually going to pay attention to the halftime show this year Having Snoop, Dre, and Kendrick is just icing on the cake for me.
  7. It would have been roughly the same set we're getting on this tour with a few different songs. Aside from Absurd/Hard Skool, they wouldn't have played out any more new material.
  8. If we're comparing the two as live acts, Guns every single time for me. Despite how he sounds these days, Axl is such a mesmerizing performer to watch.
  9. I think AC/DC ruined his voice. He was amazing in 2016 but he was never quite the same after the AC/DC gigs.
  10. It seems like an isolated incident considering how well he handled other technical difficulties on this tour. Not defending him freaking out on the sound crew but it would be pretty overwhelming to be performing in front of thousands of people expecting a great show and having sound issues mid-song. I know he has a history of being a prick to the sound crew but he's also a human being and could have just lost his cool for a minute. I'm sure Hetfield/Jagger/Tyler/whoever have chewed out the sound people a few times themselves. That said, I agree, someone like that sounds like a nightmare to work with.
  11. I agree. There's not enough low end in the first verse and it doesn't sound like there was too much processing done on the vocal track. The song itself is really good but the mix is super inconsistent.
  12. We're all entitled to our opinions but HS is leagues above Riad/Scraped
  13. Don't question GN'R logic, therein lies the path to madness
  14. Zika. Good night folks! Even if they didn't play it, we still got the studio release today! Things are looking up in GN'R world!
  15. Don't Cry I don't think it's gonna happen tonight
  17. Soul Monster. I NEED to hear what kind of vocal Axl laid down on that track
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