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  1. Well they had an energy that was amazing and even if you watch reaction videos of people watching the band’s songs you can see that energy. Personally why I at times got annoyed on this message board is because they were the first band I ever said out loud to people I was a fan of. This was late 90s early 2000s but the songs have gotten me through some low points and so it annoys me that someone as talented as Axl rose is, and taking into account his quirks, he’s a millionaire in spite of himself not because of himself. The band from its beginning has been a case of what if, because the amount
  2. And in addition to my original post in this thread, I think we can all agree that team Brazil have had a distinct negative impact on GNR and Axl in particular. Their barely veiled disdain for the fans(which is ironic given if there were no fans they’d be nothing) does not help the mood of the fans of the band. I would love for there to be new music to buy but for some reasons the management(use that word loosely) seem to use any excuse bar looking inwards to say why there is no new music.
  3. You make it sound as if axl isn’t at fault even slightly for the things that have happened to him over the years. He doesn’t deserve all the blame but certainly the lions share of where the band is now and how it was perceived in the past. It’s his fault for the severe lack of new music over the past two decades and nobody else’s. I’ve no doubt there were issues created by others but axl at times has used these excuses to do nothing. In the years after the UYI era line up disbanded, I’ll agree that slash and duff and Steven talked far too much about axl but axl is an adult and had the mea
  4. He was fully in the release of Chinese democracy ? Christ I’d hate to see him half arsing it then. Anyway, I’m listening to the UYI albums on a Friday night and drinking because covid in Ireland won’t fuck and is rising again and I have to say they really did get the order of songs right. I love how UYI I starts with right next door to hell and the whole vibe of the first part of the first album is more an AFD vibe(I’m sure I’ve read that was on purpose) and then you get the slow change into UYI II which had the UYI era band stayed together and released an album it would have would h
  5. The what ? The day GNR have a release strategy outside of “soon” I’ll eat a hat.
  6. The vmas in 1988 to me is my favourite jungle intro. I love the power that Axl has and it’s the AFD line up and it’s just great. An honourable mention is the St Louis fumble between slash and Matt and I knows there’s debate on that video as to who fucked up and slash looking at Matt in that puzzled fashion is still funny. Although maybe it should have been seen as a foretelling or what was coming.
  7. That tour to me will always be remembered for the carry on in Montreal that night where a very unfortunate accident from a miscommunication that James Hetfield thankfully recovered from which didn’t help things and then of course Axl could’ve helped the situation of what was a restless crowd but that’s not Axl’s style or wasn’t anyway. Now the people of Montreal trashed parts of their own city with no help from either Metallica or GNR so that’s on them but at times Axl was his own worst enemy.
  8. https://twitter.com/gunsnroses/status/1309555054295355394?s=21 This was posted by the official GNR Twitter account within the last few minutes. Anyone know what song this is ?
  9. Well I’m not sure that’s true. He’s not been shy about having goes at axl and slash at times over the years even if the reasons may have had some validity to them.
  10. I’m a good few hours behind but Steven Adler had a few interesting tweets this morning(Irish time) and apparently he’s back(I wasn’t aware he was away) and in the last of his three tweets was simply the word bye. I mean it’s nice to see him apparently back on the tweet machine at least but do the great and the good here know why he was away. I ask because it wasn’t my week to watch him as they say. I hope the guy is happy and healthy and in a good place because I’ve always liked Steven for the simple reason we share the same birthday twenty years apart.
  11. Pot meet kettle. I mean bucket head didn’t stop the album coming out until November, 2008 and he wasn’t delaying going on stage which has conveniently been fixed. Also, we know that rehearsals aren’t something axl does/ or did with any degree of regularity.
  12. And just to add to my comment above I’m not a fan of remastered and box sets with a few exceptions. I have the albums of GNR as they were intended to be heard and that’s fine with me. I have all the led zeppelin albums and they are from the 1994 remasters but they aren’t remastered to within an inch of their lives. I’ve heard the recent ones and it’s awful.
  13. Maybe back off bitch but pretty tied up I doubt it and get in the ring is immature in hindsight but unless the journalists named had an issue then why would they.
  14. Yes don’t damn me from that rehearsal IMO was great. Steven gave the song a different vibe.
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