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  1. I was out for a walk yesterday and I saw on a bricked up doorway in an old wall in faded black spray paint “guns n roses 30.10.89” which I’ve checked and I can’t find anything of any note that happened on that date. It was definitely 89 and not 87 which if it was 87 was the date of the CBGBs show in New York but it wasn’t so I’m confused as to why someone would write such a specific date on a wall in Ireland.
  2. 29 years ago today during the PPV show in Paris Axl had that rant about Warren Beatty on stage. I liked this one though.
  3. Mellisa on vocals ? I don’t dislike her as much as some seem to do but even I think that’s a stupid idea.
  4. What to expect from the GNR show ? Well the show will start with it’s so easy and end with paradise city. Outside of that I’ve no idea. Hopefully frank has used the time away to learn how to not butcher the drums of some of the classic songs. The most annoying thing is we know axl can sing if he puts the effort in, as we saw with AC/DC and yes I know there are differences in how the songs are sung but axl put in effort to sound good so we know when he puts his mind to it he can do it. The fact he decides not to bother his hole doing it for his own band is what I find baffling. So yeah we shall
  5. What does quality of the song have to do with anything when it comes to GNR ? And no it wouldn’t have been released because that’s not this bands style. And excuses are the only thing this band are good at that isn’t live performances which I feel are more or less good.
  6. Why is it an either or question ? Can he not do both ?
  7. He’s been “criticised”(strong word to use) for suggesting that Criticism of fernando is because of his nationality which isn’t the case. Fernando is bad at his job. His race or whatever isn’t part of it. There’s enough bad shit happening around the world that needs to be called out, but let’s not add to it by seeing racism in places it’s not.
  8. What you quoted is what is it says on the liner notes, but I was the same as you for years in that he was saying debris is a weird way and yes it’s not that much of a stretch to think he’s saying “in the breeze.” I’d say for me it’s more that the words of some songs even 20 years since I first heard them just sound like something else even though I know the official lyrics are the correct ones. For years my friend who’s a big Bob Dylan fan said that GNR changed the lyrics of knocking on heavens door in a few parts. This first came up 18 years ago when we were drinking and list
  9. Is it just me or does anyone ever marvel at how all the original AFD 5 are all still alive when you look at the punishment they put their bodies through for a good few years ? I mean duff by all rights should be dead when you look at the 1992/93 interviews because he looked like death warmed up in most of them. Steven is the one that got the closest most often and slash give it a good go. As far as I know Izzy has been clean and sober since the late 1980s and Axl didn’t seem to ever go to far down that rabbit hole. I mean there’s his appearance which has been up and down and he looks like h
  10. Damn it was just coming to post that. I’m the same.
  11. Honestly if this band was someone in an emergency dept of a hospital, the time of death would have been called at this stage. Them blaming the pandemic for the lack of any new music was such a bush league excuse when you consider that other music artists, including some bands who’d be their contemporaries would well able to least communicate with their fans like a normal band would, and in some cases release music in a pandemic. I’m probably repeating myself but I want to support this band, I really really do but Jesus H Christ do they make that hard to keep doing. And in an age where commun
  12. Getting rid of the management( and I apologise for sullying the profession of management by calling team Brazil ) but I wouldn’t let fernando and his family look after my cat. The thread about things that have happened since 2008 and the release of Chinese democracy is depressing as fuck as a fan of this band who like others wants to be upbeat but they can’t because axl/ team Brazil(only constants since 2008) couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery without stupid levels of difficulty. I hate that a family from Brazil in part are making me not give a damn about a band who I became a
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