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  1. I still have my ticket for Marley park in Dublin for now June 22nd and while I’ve kept it, I’d be very surprised if it goes ahead on that date. Maybe later in the summer but even that is a push given the rollout of the vaccine her in Ireland. I know of one person who has asthma and the latest they will get their second dose is July. I’d love it happen but like others here I think the Australian and New Zealand date next winter(or summer there) will be the start point.
  2. Given up totally ? No, I haven’t and probably never will but I am done with the so called management team of this band. I wouldn’t let them look after my dog and he’s dead a year. Does fernando have any actual experience of doing the job he’s doing now prior to being with GNR ? At least del James has done it before and was around the band and LA scene. Btw del James is a massive wrestling fan which I found interesting. Anyway, I think team Brazil while initially may have been a good thing for axl, they most certainly have positions and influence now far beyond what their abilities warrant IMO.
  3. I’m surprised axl had a singing voice at all after the UYI tour. He sounded at times like he was gargling bleach during that tour and right next door to hell in 1991 in Indiana was him going peak rasp. The thing is there is no way he could keep that up(and he didn’t) for two years. I’ve not listened to the 1994 HOF performance in years but from memory it sounded okay that night taking into account the fact it was a spontaneous thing. His voice in the very early years was to the point of being too powerful and uncontrolled(1986 live performances). I honestly think the voice he has now is a co
  4. Well none of the songs make me emotional to the point to tears. I do find some songs on the albums can be thought provoking because whatever you want to say about axl, the guy was a poet at times with his lyrics. A song I’ve said before that does kind have lyrics that helped me over 15 years ago and still do is yesterdays. I know it’s not one of the better known songs but I like it.
  5. Later this year is the new soon. The fact a live releases makes sense is one of the reasons it won’t happen anytime soon. If Fernando does make an appearance it’ll most likely be to blame us the fans.
  6. I think it’s the brutally honest lyrics which are the problem with some people. Yes, I can understand Axl’s feelings but I think in hindsight he could have conveyed his anger in a better way. It’s the same with the song fairytale of New York which uses one of the same words that is used in OIAM and considered a slur against gay people but the pogues have explained the thinking behind the use of the word yet bbc radio 1 in the UK have decided it would offend their listeners. It’s one thing I don’t like about today’s society is that assume insult that isn’t there for people. And to ans
  7. Isn’t he living there or he was born there ? I’m assuming that might be a part of it. The 2010 Dublin weren’t ominous. There were drunk people off the left of the stage who started throwing things and axl did ask them to stop but to describe the crowd as ominous is a bit much. I was there that night and fair enough the crowd weren’t best pleased when the band left the stage given how a minority of the crowd had potentially fucked up the show for all of us but again I wouldn’t use ominous to describe that crowd.
  8. I know we haven’t much to talk about but I don’t get these threads wondering and worrying If Axl and slash are best friends again or not. I mean does it matter if they are or not ? They had a pretty nasty failing out in the 1990s and spent years not saying very nice things about each other. Six years isn’t going to erase that but from all we know about axl, if he wasn’t at least somewhat on friendly terms with slash then he wouldn’t have toured the world with him again and from the bits I’ve seen and including Slane where I was they seemed okay around each other. Also, best friends
  9. Exactly. I’m not answer asking much from my favourite band. I’m simply asking for something that points towards something happening or even a hint of a hint which makes me care about the band the way I used to do in the early 2000s. The band aren’t helping what I’m sure is not just my frustration as a fan of this band. We as a fan base want to support this band, but we need something to actually support. I’ve albums from loads of other bands that I like but none of them are GNR. I’ve been looking on YouTube for new bands that I don’t want to be carbon copies of GNR but to have the
  10. When hallways comet due back around this parish ? I think we might get new music from GNR by then. I mean it was 17 years from UYI to Chinese democracy so it’s not out the realms of possibility which is sad.
  11. No wonder he’s not motivated to put out new music with all the misery and pain in east Enders. Only so much Phil and grant Mitchell one person can take in fairness.
  12. Well they had an energy that was amazing and even if you watch reaction videos of people watching the band’s songs you can see that energy. Personally why I at times got annoyed on this message board is because they were the first band I ever said out loud to people I was a fan of. This was late 90s early 2000s but the songs have gotten me through some low points and so it annoys me that someone as talented as Axl rose is, and taking into account his quirks, he’s a millionaire in spite of himself not because of himself. The band from its beginning has been a case of what if, because the amount
  13. And in addition to my original post in this thread, I think we can all agree that team Brazil have had a distinct negative impact on GNR and Axl in particular. Their barely veiled disdain for the fans(which is ironic given if there were no fans they’d be nothing) does not help the mood of the fans of the band. I would love for there to be new music to buy but for some reasons the management(use that word loosely) seem to use any excuse bar looking inwards to say why there is no new music.
  14. You make it sound as if axl isn’t at fault even slightly for the things that have happened to him over the years. He doesn’t deserve all the blame but certainly the lions share of where the band is now and how it was perceived in the past. It’s his fault for the severe lack of new music over the past two decades and nobody else’s. I’ve no doubt there were issues created by others but axl at times has used these excuses to do nothing. In the years after the UYI era line up disbanded, I’ll agree that slash and duff and Steven talked far too much about axl but axl is an adult and had the mea
  15. He was fully in the release of Chinese democracy ? Christ I’d hate to see him half arsing it then. Anyway, I’m listening to the UYI albums on a Friday night and drinking because covid in Ireland won’t fuck and is rising again and I have to say they really did get the order of songs right. I love how UYI I starts with right next door to hell and the whole vibe of the first part of the first album is more an AFD vibe(I’m sure I’ve read that was on purpose) and then you get the slow change into UYI II which had the UYI era band stayed together and released an album it would have would h
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