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  1. I’d have put money on the Australia and New Zealand concerts taking place even a couple of months ago but it just shows this virus doesn’t care what we want to do.
  2. Yeah he does but let’s be honest he does pick good singers to cover GNR.
  3. I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve not been the most positive GNR fan recently due to things about the band I think should be done better. That being said it’s baffling to see people who complain when there’s nothing happening, and then when there is stuff like new singles being released(which are like hen's fucking teeth with GNR btw) they seem to still be complaining about the songs. Now yes was absurd the best song ever released by GNR ? No it wasn’t but hard skool is certainly a better song and has an old school feel to it and it slash and duff on it and for what it’s worth I like it. And btw repeatedly saying you don’t like the song doesn’t make your opinion any more valid, it makes you repetitive.
  4. I know I’m a week late but as a 16 year year old in September, 2001 I’m of the generation who remembers that Tuesday afternoon(being in Ireland it was afternoon when the attacks first started), and I remember going to my second to last class of the day at 2pm(need to remember twenty years ago smartphones weren’t a thing) and there was no teacher which was very strange and after a few minutes, a teacher passed the classroom and said “ A plane has crashed into the world trade centre in New York City” and I only knew what they were because of the Simpson episode. I remember walking into the city centre where I lived and seeing the pictures of the towers burning and the second plane hitting the second tower and even to this day seeing it back, it seem so surreal.
  5. Can Chris pitman account for his whereabouts if it was food poisoning as Axl seems to think.
  6. Because he wasn’t a permanent member despite what he said because as we saw from his book(the original version), he’s fuller than a Christmas turkey at times.
  7. I know this thread is about slash and Paul huge, but that incident IMO incapsulates the whole issue with GNR post UYI tour, when the lack of communication in the band got worse. I don’t know why Axl couldn’t have simply asked slash would he be okay with working with Paul. The worst slash could have said was no, but while I agree that slash had(and still has) an ego because given he was at the time one of the best guitarists in the world, it’s hardly a shock, he’d take issue with someone being forced on him. it’s a what if, but I think Izzy leaving the band was a detriment to the band both in terms of songwriting but also in terms of him being a go between between axl and slash.
  8. The song don’t cry(as in the musical parts of it) are an amazing song. But I agree with the OP in that I like the alt version lyrics, because I think they fit the song better.
  9. You’re trying to inject logic into the inner workings of GNR. Doesn’t always end well.
  10. If I had listened to silkworms even remotely recently I might have disliked this more but due to me not doing that, I don’t dislike it as much. Some of the lyrics are certainly from two decades ago although there are some changes to it. Well at least it gives us something new to talk about and a bit of good publicity for the band.
  11. Well like the song says “the only way is up” and it seems that Axl along with some technical difficulties( I should have said nothing a few days ago) was first show of a tour bad + something else. I still have tickets for next June here in Ireland but it’s not sounding great. Hopefully this is just the result of the longer lay off. The next couple of shows will need to improve though and whether technical issues will be sorted. It’s either axl doesn’t want to rehearse regularly or it’s that he can’t.
  12. I hope they pull out that classic “technical difficulties” for one last time because it’s a underrated gnr song.
  13. Oh I’m hopeful they will happen but considering where we were a few months ago it’s not as locked on as it was.
  14. I know a few months back the show in Australia were seen as a certainty to happen but now I don’t know, because three Australian states have gone into some form of lockdown and Sydney seems particularly bad(in Australian terms) and both Australia and New Zealand seem to have a policy of keeping their borders shut to outside which can’t help bands touring. I do know from my brother who lives in Australia that the vaccine rollout isn’t exactly moving along.
  15. And some posters in the “does anybody care ?” said I and others were being too negative because we were finding it hard to care about the band. Yeah horse shit like this is one of the reasons why I and many others aren’t as bothered as we used to be. If they’d ever fucking listened to Brandos podcast(which I have both audio and video) they’d know it’s a podcast about GNR that is anything but a negative. Imagine going out of your way to nix free publicity for a band that needs it. And the argument about whether it’s TB going on a solo run, or it’s getting directives from Axl or whatever combination it is, it’s still a mess and they seem hell bent on annoying the fans and not trying to engage with them, unlike what like nearly every other band does with a lot of success and it shows. Again brando I’m only one listener but I’ll keep listening and I’m sure many others will too.
  16. The video last night was actually good. I liked the moment between Steven Adler and duff on during the song where they’re next to each other and Steven has a big smile on his face. Good good stuff.
  17. It might have allowed all the issues that axl had with the former members to subside a lot sooner than 2015/16 because out of sight out of mind would possibly have helped him, but that’s me speculating on what ifs which isn’t an exact science, or a science at all. I saw the Axl only version of GNR twice and I know some don’t consider that GNR and that’s their point of view. I happen to think they were because the name was on the tickets. I do think the name put pressure on Axl to kind of prove that he could do it without slash which was probably too much pressure. I liked CD and I think the album would have fared better not under threat GNR name.
  18. I’ll always care to some degree but the degree to which I care has gotten lower as the years have gone on, and in particular since 2016 when I assumed(maybe that was a mistake) that now that slash and duff were back in the band, that it would reignite a creative fire in axl rose. I don’t know maybe I put too much hope in the return of slash and duff, and while seeing them in slane in 2017 onstage was an amazing day and I’ll never forget it, and even though I’ve a ticket for next year in Dublin, I’m finding it hard to give a shit about it, partly because it’s been delayed twice, and because I don’t see how it will be any good and the concerts this summer in the US, I’ll be watching closely to see what the band and more specifically Axl is like both appearance and performance wise. If Axl sounds worse than he did in early 2020, then I can’t see how nearly a year and half off the road, and adding nearly a year on isn’t going to help Axl. I know I’m repeating myself and I’m sorry if my posts come across as overly negative, but to be perfectly honest, can you blame me and others for not being happy and enthusiastic about this band when to varying degrees, we have invested a lot of time and money into this band and while I don’t think this band owes me or anyone else anything specific in terms of new music or whatever else, I do think that we as fans are owed a degree of respect which is severely lacking IMO. Again, I’m sorry if this is overly negative but there’s only so times as a fan of guns n Roses you can be treated like a wind sock before you say to hell with it. I mean I still listen to the albums and interviews but even that gets repetitive after a while.
  19. Jesus h Christ that reads like a post from another GNR message board(not sure if we can name them) which believed slash was akin to Satan.
  20. Fed up ? No I’m not because slash and duff by releasing music over the years they were out of the band and now back in it show that it’s not as hard as Axl and team Brazil continue to say. Fernanado even had the nerve to blame a deadly pandemic which has killed over 600,000 Americans, so I think it’s great that slash and duff are making music.
  21. I’ll say again what a novel idea. Bands can release music videos and albums during a pandemic and the sky doesn’t fall and the earth continues to carry on as normal. It’s like functioning musicians and bands can’t do these things. Someone should send that alleged management team these links and maybe they’ll stop blaming everything and everyone as to why music hasn’t been released in nearly 13 years.
  22. So with the 30th anniversary of the riot in St. Louis coming up at the start of July, did Axl at the time get an unfair share of the blame, for if not the initial incident, the damage that was caused to the venue ? I mean as Axl admitted at the time(or a few months after at least) that he could have in hindsight dealt with the situation differently on the night, did the fans who wrecked the venue(admittedly a minority of them) get the similar levels of scorn for damaging a new venue ? The TV reports I’ve watched from the time all have the same slant, which is that it was Axls fault. This event is one that slash clearing has zero memory of if you take his version of it in his book versus the actual footage of the show, which bar little to no resemblance to each other. Anyway, I digress. But yeah I think Axl was at fault but I think(granted with the benefit of hindsight) got far too much blame for other people’s inability to control the crowd, and for actions by fans who I’m sure we’re disappointed, but life isn’t all sunshine wins rainbows but that’s not an excuse to wreck a venue. In Dublin in 2010 when Axl walked offstage and the house lights came up, I don’t recall people wrecking the O2 arena. People were pissed off which was understandable, and I include myself in that group, but nobody damaged the arena.
  23. Your probably right. It’s just my benefit of the doubt meter with GNR used to be fully charged, and now I can’t really even bother to give them any benefit of the doubt. Hopefully they at least acknowledge the anniversary at least. That wouldn’t be too much to ask.
  24. I was just looking at the dates for the summer in North America and I see they’ve a show on September 16th and 18th. Could they have not had a show on the 17th which is the thirtieth anniversary of the UYI albums being released ? Surely it’s not that hard to remember when you released albums and schedule shows on those dates.
  25. I remember watching terminator 2 with my cousins in 1992 or 1993 and that’s when I first heard YCBM and I’m sure I’d probably heard other GNR songs prior to that, but this is the first time I know for absolute certain I heard a GNR song. It was a gradual move towards becoming a huge GNR fan in the early 2000’s with help from sharing a birthday with Steven Adler(as I’ve mentioned before) along the way. I absolutely love the song though and the drum intro from Matt sorum is superb and instantly recognisable, and as much as I love Steven adler, having heard his “version” of the intro I’m glad it was the matt sorum version that was on the song. It’s the one song that my non GNR friends all like which says something that they like the song.
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