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  1. Hey dude, the link doesn't work at the moment.
  2. Happy New Incoming Amp Day! My friend had the combo and they are beasts.
  3. I went to that show at the Docklands, no one even knew who was in the band! Really weird show, they played a few CD songs and Think About You, but came on pretty late and people had been queuing/drinking for hours so the general mood was a bit deflated. And Buckethead did a weird nunchuck dance.
  4. I'd like to think that no one is holding out any realistic hope anymore for anything outside of merch and live shows. If they ever get new music out, it is likely to be CD Era Frankenstein songs but even if they do manage to put together something completely new I am not sure based on the majority of the CD lyrics that Axl will have anything interesting to say (not the same as having a good melody though, he didn't seem to struggle there).
  5. Didn't realise the demo was up at the start of the thread!
  6. Thanks dude! I wrote that song back in 2013 (demo link below) and recorded it properly at the end of 2018. Did a remaster last week and got it up on Spotify.
  7. I have put some of my tracks on to the streaming services, you can find the newer ones below: Or take a listen to this playlist with all of the Spotify releases so far:
  8. Wow, love the melody and your vocal performance is blistering! Read the lyrics whilst listening and really liked them, also like the way the last half of the last verse takes on the chorus melody. Very cool!
  9. Yeah awesome! Love the guitar tone it is dirty as fuck.
  10. Can't vouch for Part 2, but the first one is great. I have a feeling I won't be disappointed with the second! I have heard it is pretty heaving going, the gore looks like it rivals RDR2! I am a fan of Uncharted as well (apart from 3, that can fuck right off), but I can see why someone wouldn't be into TLoU. There is a style to Naughty Dog games. I still haven't played the original (?) Tomb Raider reboot, played Anniversary and enjoyed it. Should pick up the reboot while it is £2 or something stupid like that on PSN.
  11. Absolutely brilliant game! I play a few multiplayer games here and there, but as I have gotten older and have less time on my hands, the single player story based games have really dominated my play time. I would agree the inventory is a twat, but it does add it to panic mid-fight. The combat is weighty and brutal, it genuinely feels like any fight can go south and that you are never onto a sure thing. The tunnel on the way to the hospital with TWO fucking bloaters milling about on top of clickers and runners! I have had loads of fun with this, hope the sequel is half as good. And also picked
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