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  1. 2020 seems to have brought out a lot more content in this section; I know I have been busy - 6 original tracks and 3 covers so far with another 2 close to be being finished by the end of the year. I have seen how prolific @lame ass security has been in 2020 and we have discussed how we get forum members to listen to our stuff. Seems to me that there is something for everyone's taste in the eclectic mix of original music that is posted here, which probably never gets heard by the vast majority of the forum. There was a guy who covered Locomotive a while back that got his cover posted
  2. I would love to get in a studio with you my man, both in the live room and behind the faders!
  3. Frog dissection is very cool/disturbing. I also got nostalgic with the title Syntax Error, reminded me of Commodore 64s for some reason!
  4. Cool tune and really good vocals. The bass seems like it is a bit boomy on the last note of your riff/verse, a bit of an eq cut on the low end of the bass channel should sort it out.
  5. Never heard this song before, great job as always dude. Your vocal performance has Springsteen style tone to it.
  6. I think there was an interview with Axl where he said You Could Be Mine was about bovine boning.
  7. Cheers man, more new stuff coming, original this time.
  8. Thanks dude! Whammy is via my stomp with an expression pedal. Glad you like the production, I was having second thoughts about a few elements, before thinking "fuck it"!
  9. I do enjoy some Dio, I'll check it out!
  10. Thanks man! This one is a lot less controversial compositionally; I swapped out a D for a B in the chorus bit and added a few heavy riffs/overlays and the ending is a standard blues turnaround, but generally it is pretty faithful.
  11. Latest cover entry for the guitarist forum www.thefretboard.co.uk - this is a track from the 50s/60s orginal is here: This is my spin on it:
  12. Great composition and melody as always dude!
  13. I don't have any content, but Black Butterfly had it's moments!
  14. "Paris France and the rest of the world watching.... DO YOU KNOW WHERE THE FUCCK YOU AAAAARE?!?! YOU'RE IN THE JUNGLE BAYYBY!!! WAKE UP!! TIME TO DIIIEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!" With the Ritz story in second place.
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