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  1. Definitely interesting how both bands turned out with the singer being the cause of the issues or scapegoat depending on who you speak to. With the clashes of creative forces and egos going on it is miracle any bands make it at all!
  2. You're welcome, glad you enjoy it man! Thanks! Definitely a track to drive fast to! Maybe we could ask for this to be put in the main section as it's a collaboration between two members, which would get more people hearing it and more opportunities for promotion? I don't really know any of the site staff well though.
  3. https://music.apple.com/gb/album/move-the-needle-feat-stuart-saunders/1577841836?i=1577841838 https://www.amazon.co.uk/Move-Needle-feat-Stuart-Saunders/dp/B09B2WP7T4/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=sound+of+a+gun+move+the+needle&qid=1627051989&sr=8-2 Here you go, will be on other streaming services as well.
  4. Thanks for this, I will continue to go with my gut! Cheers dude!
  5. I'm sure we'll be working on more! This is great feedback @Powderfinger! I lose my fucking mind when it comes to the mixdown, agonising over automations, delay trails and whether the guitar needs that extra 0.5 db of 7k... Always like to hear that the mix has translated!
  6. Anytime my man, let's do it again! Thanks buddy! Cheers dude!
  7. Over the last couple of months, @lame ass security and I have been working on a track together. He sent me a few lines for a first verse and chorus, a track title and it went from there. Once we had a full verse and a chorus, I sat down and came up with a riff, vocal melody, and chords to go with the lyrics. I sent it over to him on a crappy phone recording and he was happy that the essence of the lyrics were captured in the music and melody I had put down. We have had changes made to lyrics along the way, discussions about rhyming conventions and how lines would be delivered, then early
  8. Such a shame we got the worst artwork as the standard. The Red Hand/Grenade feel much more GN'R.
  9. I would take it to a tech if you've swapped out the tubes and fuse; sound like someone needs to have a poke around.
  10. https://youtu.be/JK4e02BV9lo this guy is pretty good.
  11. I don't know why being able to sing vocals is even being considered as a barrier, the dude can't sing a vast majority of the back catalogue and still does, why this be any different? The short clip of Hardschool sounded like dogshit vocally, so why buck the trend? Put your 90s vocals out on record, do a shit job live, give us so something new to listen to.
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