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  1. Great composition and melody as always dude!
  2. I don't have any content, but Black Butterfly had it's moments!
  3. "Paris France and the rest of the world watching.... DO YOU KNOW WHERE THE FUCCK YOU AAAAARE?!?! YOU'RE IN THE JUNGLE BAYYBY!!! WAKE UP!! TIME TO DIIIEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!" With the Ritz story in second place.
  4. Easily one of the worst things I have heard this year, cheesy as fuck. I hope that wasn't Slash playing the solo as it was gash.
  5. Great production! I'd come and watch you if we were in the same country and we were allowed to watch live music.
  6. Always awesome my man! Amazing vocals yet again, wish we were in the same country so we could collaborate and get this stuff recorded. Sorry for your loss.
  7. I try and push it as far as I can with the covers; here are some links to previous challenges, there are some really great entries: Loads of interesting versions of the subject matter in those playlists! Cover Challenge #5 was abandoned due to lack of entrants. Always more than happy to talk to anyone about the music I make, very grateful that anyone takes the time to listen to it with the amount of media this world could consume!
  8. Thanks buddy, feels like it was a gamble worth taking! Completely get your friend's take! If I heard my version and it wasn't me that had done it, I would question if it is even a real cover of the song as the only part that (slightly) resembles the original is the start of the breakdown. Glad you're into it though and I am happy I went with it; at the end you can hear how it was originally going to sound, like a heavy faithful version, albeit in a different key. I felt that this was way too "straight" and tore it down!
  9. I feel it is the nadir of Axl's "update" to the GN'R sound. Like a prodigy out-take took a shit on a rubbish punk band.
  10. Got my son a year of EA Access on the PS4 and have had to download some stuff myself to get value out of it. Finished Peggle 2 - good fun - now playing Battlefield Hard-line, which is a 5-6 out of 10 single player experience.
  11. Great guitar chops as always, could do with a bit of tightening up on some of the rhythm parts. Agree with @lame ass security on the toggle pseudo kill switch, very cool!
  12. Thanks man, good to hear from someone who loves the original! I thought effectively re-writing it may be a bit controversial, but covering something that iconic felt like it needed to be pretty different from the original.
  13. Cheers dude, I also stole Slash's SCOM third chorus lick and used it in my chorus!
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