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  1. Nice, I will try those EQ settings and see how I get on, these are the best bass sounds I have got on record so far:
  2. Haha. I'll bet it is! I am using a cheap Chinese bass and a free VST, how do you set the EQ on your amp?
  3. Great playing man! How did you get the bass tone on Your Could Be Mine? Sounds epic!
  4. Get over to the UK and we will track some stuff! Move The Needle was great fun to work on, set the bar high for the next one!
  5. I am sure there are plenty of guitarists who will oblige, ask this guy:
  6. Listened to a couple of your tracks, enjoyed the overall vibe, you have a cool voice and the guitars sound like they should, 15 dollars for a discography is a bargain!
  7. Latest track by Dirty Snake Mouth - The Flame, on all streaming services and storefronts now!
  8. Sounding pretty good! Only heard it on that BitTube site so will not comment on mix etc. Will be interesting to hear how Axl does the chorus vocals live... The "more of a man" in the second verse sounds less raspy than the demo to my ears (admittedly, I haven't heard that version for a year or so) could he have recorded new verse vocals? Chorus is clearly the same.
  9. Preview of the next one, will start a new thread when it is released because there is fuck all going on in this section....
  10. Thanks man, I can't take credit for anything apart from the lyrics and vocal performance, the rest is another dude (including the video and vocal melody). Been fun to work on something and not have to do an end to end process - write, record, edit, mix etc. We did a similar thing on another track which comes out tomorrow, will link on this thread when it is live.
  11. There will another one going into the oven soon!
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