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  1. Their next gigs Will be only for 1000 Rich fans Who can afford Golden tickets
  2. I think they spent all their energy in creating that pinball machine, so no more hopes for a new album..
  3. it's a tough year to be a fan of this band..
  4. +1 so this pinball machine is not considered "desrespectful"
  5. ok, once it could be funny. not further. please stop.
  6. If I were Richard, during the next interview, I would shout the Truth about GnR plans and then say "goodbye and f**k off axl" :p I would feel finally free!
  7. thanks. I gave it a listen and I found it horrible :P
  8. even if artists can be defined in 4 brilliant albums, I still love to listen to new material every 1 or 2 years..
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