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  1. This starts out a bit different but as soon as Myles starts singing it sounds very familiar and tired. Unlike Slash’s other frontman he doesn’t have much range…
  2. I just watched You Could Be Mine from Raleigh and thought Axl was fine. That’s what his voice is now and at least he’s gone back to singing all the lines. Coma wasn’t embarrassing either. He also looks great at the moment. A lot fitter than 2019/2020 anyway and the short hair actually suits him now. I don’t have a problem going to see this show next year when they make their way across the pond. It would be nice if things could be like the old days but they can’t.
  3. I just saw that on YouTube and came to comment about how he seemed pissed off and delivered a great last chorus to WTTJ because of it. A bit of venom that you don’t expect in 2021.
  4. This seems to be based on the supposition that anything not sang in this range would automatically be subpar and inferior to Hard Skool. Sorry, it still doesn’t seem ridiculous to me to release music that you can actually sing live when all the money today comes from touring.
  5. The whole point of releasing new music should be to give Axl something that he can sing today. Absurd succeeds at that but he doesn’t really sound any better on Hard Skool than You Could Be Mine.
  6. It’s weird but because they’re releasing this on the anniversary of Nevermind, some of the lyrics make me think it’s Axl talking about Kurt Cobain and his rejection of Axl’s invitation to tour with GNR. I don’t think the song is about Kurt, ‘save what we had’ doesn’t make any sense in this context, but that’s who sprung to my mind when hearing those lyrics again today.
  7. I’ll wait until midnight in the UK but it’s an odd way to release something. It’s also weird that the USA is the last place to get everything. Christmas, New Year, Guns N’ Roses music.
  8. It’s a mood thing. Today I could chose 1, tomorrow it might be 2.
  9. John Lennon was a wife beater. It’s never been a secret that John Lennon was a wife beater. John Lennon openly admitted to beating his wife. “I used to be cruel to my woman / I beat her and kept her apart from the things that she loved / Man, I was mean” is a lyric on Sgt Pepper that he said was about his marriage. If you start cancelling rock stars for their treatment of women, you go all the way to the top and nobody is gonna be prepared to cancel The Beatles.
  10. This could be seen as a return to form but they’ll never truly manage that until they go back to albums that can fit on two sides of vinyl.
  11. GNR will be touring stadiums like this in a few years time. Even Izzy can show up! These two songs are better than they have any right to be after 40 years out of the game. Don’t Shut Me Down could go straight on ABBA Gold.
  12. It feels like Move to the City acoustic was supposed to be played in 2018.
  13. Bruce said there are songs on this album that will make you question if it’s actually Maiden. Er, and then there’s also this which sounds like something you’ve heard on every Maiden album since the mid 80s.
  14. Rio 2001 was an average performance but the crowd elevates it to greatness. That shot of the woman losing her mind before they go into the final chorus is *chef’s kiss*.
  15. Richard is starting to look a bit bored on this tour though. He still does his signature moves but they ring a little hollow, just going through the motions. After 20 years I wonder how much more he can take of playing the same setlist as a rhythm guitarist? No one needs a new album more than him.
  16. Rock songs barely ever chart any more. It’s all about what kids listen to on their phones for free. Absurd made No.45 on the download chart and 48 for overall sales but that’s not enough to get near the ‘official’ top 100 chart these days. https://www.officialcharts.com/charts/singles-downloads-chart/
  17. It was going so well until Nevermind came along. The definitive word on the shift in 1991: Nothing wrong with Nevermind but it’s why rock is ‘dead’.
  18. It was done like that to make the verses sound less repetitive than they are IMHO.
  19. Looking at Slash’s latest Instagram entry. Actually, looking at everything Slash has ever posted on Instagram, I don’t have a hard time believing he genuinely loves Absurd. In a way it is the ultimate Slash song.
  20. Over a million views. Can we have a proper song now, please?
  21. Re: Axl’s voice. I watched Absurd from Detroit and then some other videos from the night started auto playing. So my personal setlist went: Absurd: Good first impression but I doubt he’s ever going to struggle with this one. Chinese Democracy: Good in the verse and the more demanding chorus and a lot of energy. Slither: YouTube knows what it’s doing. The verses are solid. The first chorus is par for the course as far as what Axl does with it. Then the flaws start to show during the second chorus and he puts little effort to the the final pre chorus. WTTJ: This is old man Axl from start to finish but a lot better than when it’s all over the place. There’s no cringe here. He kills a moth during the song. That moth did not know where the fuck it was and paid the price. That’s the jungle for you, man. Not safe for moths. SCOM: Good night, YouTube. Overall, he’s still a great front man when the songs allow him to be.
  22. I can’t keep up with the thread. Is it generally accepted that the video goes out of sync just before the breakdown and Medusa resumes spewing pea soup too early before it goes back to the riff?
  23. See, those comments from Beta are what Axl hears day in, day out. ‘This Absurd song is the new Sweet Child O’ Mine.’ ‘Your voice was amazing tonight.’ ’Those are Photoshops, you’re definitely not fat.’ ’My friends have all got new cars.’
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