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  1. I miss Gilby... Hate me! I REALLY want to get some fottage from Sweden 2006.. it's hard to get videos from that time...
  2. exactly, idk what it is but the real feeling is gone, sounded better hen he was wasted haha!
  3. love Live Era, re-recorded vocals or not. Great selection of songs! That album have been played at lots of partys
  4. That intro gives me chills every time! Legendary
  5. Even Matt's drum lesson to this teenager is better than that "thunderchickin"
  6. Remember guys that it's not only the bands decision to cancel/postpone a show due to the virus.
  7. My dream tour would be with the UYI lineup. Yes, Gilby too. I grew up with that lineup and never got the chance to see them live. But if they get Sorum back I would be very pleased. I wished that Axl hade the same good voice he had in most of 2016. Ofc I wished he had a voice like 1989 or 2006 but let's be somewhat reasonable. If I could change the past i would've liked Slash and Duff rejoin Axl in 2006. I'm forever grateful that I got to se the semi-reunion live in San Diego 2016 though, vacation trip of my life Answer to topic: I would like some acoustic shows
  8. Exactly! I mean in the past they always said like " yeah we wrote and recorded "whatever" in one day or one take etc.. now it seems to take least a decade for a couple of songs..
  9. only festivals this time? They're playing Sweden Rock Festival in June.. Not attending then.. too bad they don't play a stadium instead. I'm not a fan of festivals, and it's too far away.
  10. It was a very sad day yesterday.. As a Swede i'm naturally a big fan of both Roxette and Marie Fredrikssons solo stuff. She was very talented singer and writer, soundtrack of many peoples lives. Sold over 60 million albums. "Tiden den går, livet är så kort Allt för kort för att gömmas bort Så gör det du vill och blomma ut Njut av din spegelbild, vår tid är nu Du lilla sparvöga flyg över ängarna Dröm dina drömmar så länge du känner liv" Vila i frid Marie, and thank you for the music. @}-,-'--.
  11. GN'R write about real life, that's what make them special to me, besides great riffs n stuff
  12. I bet Ken tampon can't run around a big stage for 3 hours while singing in Axl's incredible range. Sure, he's maybe a good coach and know what teqnuiqe to use but the sound of his voice is not good. Prescense, energy, sound are very important and all three equals Axl.
  13. I usually don't like to discuss peoples looks but i agree on that one.. that over-sized clothing and long braids were really really wierd lol. I liked his 2006 appearence though, looked like a true rock star and re-entered the scene with great confidence. I think he didn't felt that good mentally during early 2000's.. lots of pressure on him too.
  14. why do a facelift at the age of 39 though.. I think he lookes like dude that haven't been out much. And got some face peeling. But i really don't care wether he's done a facelift or not. I'm not even know why i write on this topic lol
  15. or just because of fucking age and drinking a few beers! FFS! My dad var skinny both on his body and his face, then 10 years ago he started to change and got a double chin just like rest of his older relatives and father. GENETICS. It's ridicoulus how many rumours there is on this forum on the reason about Axl's bloated face etc. lol Sorry for the small rant, just tired and grumpy
  16. Alter Bridge are on tour this upcoming summer.. Saw that they're support/special guests on Iron Maiden show in Sweden in June
  17. I've said this a couple times before but worth saying again, they play for new audience every night and NOT for people on the forums watching streams every show for years. They have had pretty much a perfect setlist for the masses this tour. Lets hope for some new music to come next year!
  18. what, he looks goofy? I'm always looking like a greek God when i slip and fall lol
  19. You can hate me for saying this but... his playing sounded better when he was drunk or on drugs in the 90s😆 I'm NOT pro drugs but he did have more feel to it.. or it was just that he was younger and felt more connected to the songs he created.. idk.. just speculations 🙂
  20. This is the first time I'm actually glad that the a tour is over. Now they can FINALLY (hopefully) focus on making music. Have a great night! ✌
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