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  1. I think I have been exposed to alot of this racism finger pointing lately. I think maybe a cpl less "fucks" could have smoothed that over a bit lol. But my point remains. It's not about who or what you are, it's what you do that makes you who you are. I basically said that with shit load of attitude. Sorry if it offends some, but the message is clear and there is no room for judging others anywhere and when I saw it I tweaked. Cheers and peace. Even to the purple pink 3 eyed fkn alien lol
  2. Wowwww. Just read through this lol. I'm not from the GenZ cancel culture and I can handle a joke.. at the same time for this guy to come on here and fukn throw shit at everyone saying "If he were AmeRicAn" Listen up @Legendador I don't give a flying fuck if you are purple and pink stripe alien with 3 fuckn heads, if your good at what you do than great. And if not then get the fuck out. As for Fernando. He has shown many times through his ACTIONS, not his CULTURAL BACKGROUND, that he is SHIT AT HIS JOB. For instance, fake leads to fans via reddit and so on. That in itself
  3. I saw Ashba in Toronto at least twice. Once at the ACC, and once at the Docks club venue. They did have great chemistry, and to be honest Ashba was fukn killer with his energy and us fans. At the time. 2010 tour, the GA tickets still were proper GA tickets, so my uncle, cousin, brother and myself stormed the front of the stage early. Ashba jumped off stage and Solo'd Paradise City outtro in our arms! And Axl had his security guard give us a shot of tequila right after. Fkn wild. So chemistry wise, in my case, was incredible and lively. Slash is a fkn Legend an
  4. Holy shit I remember this on lime wire and morpheus lol. I would get so pissed when I was searching for the real thing!
  5. To be completely honest, the vaccine is actually only "investigative" at this point, as per website straight from manufactures. Hasn't been tested on pregnant women yet either. Im not saying if you take it, you will drop dead. What I am saying is that I feel it has been rushed, and the survival rate for this shit so far is like 99%. I just dont see the justification in being apart of a research project, for something that has such a high survival rate. In the end everyone must do what is felt best for them. As of now, no I will not take it for the sole r
  6. Never brought it up much but "Stuck inside" with bach had some of the most ruthless Axl scream. Gets my gut tense everytime Im listening to it... so fkn powerful! Hope a new album would have that aggression or attitude. Too his voice at the last we have heard cant even compete with Mickey Mouse or the strangled grandma anymore lolol 🐭 👵 😭😭
  7. After the 2019 leaks, and the lack of any communication, I gave up on a couple things; -Anticipating new music -Thinking they will make a monster splash on the scene. GNR is still by far my favourite band. And right now I am currently on a hard rocker tip which gets me through this Goddamn world we are in. I do think we will hear new music again, just do not think it will be in the traditional sense. Maybe couple songs, or online thing. I don't want to be pessimistic, but I think if there is any major vocal work done on any of the current known leaks or new music w
  8. He probably thought you attractive but was awkward about it and unsure. And since you were awkward, it made for perfect awkward meetings lol. All good though still a great experience.
  9. Most parents do what they can to keep kids off hard drugs. Unfortunately, it happens.
  10. ok, so is London selling guitars for drugs, allegedly, or is Slash back on it, again, allegedly? Lol
  11. So pissed rn. I found the full concert on youtube cpl hours ago. I pressed pause to take care of something and the fkn thing disappeared from youtube. Was up for 4 weeks and legit I only made it two songs in. Mtherfker youtube police bitches I hate you! 😭😭😭
  12. Are we going nuts for the instagram clips they are dropping? Thats why the thread got the "Hot Topic"? Or is anything else happening? Not being sarcastic, truly making sure thats what the commotion is. Cheers
  13. Just listened to Anxious Disease and definitely hearing that change in the voice. Little bit of "Goin Down" feel in there. Cool thread would love for more insight or info. Always been a huge interest of mine. Guy came back different!
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