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  1. That smile back there, tells the whole truth about this tour. I really love seeing Axl happy.
  2. Tryin' to decide if I'm still missing the "What can I do? With a bitch like you".
  3. You gotta love Slash & 4tus guitar changes/contribution to this. * To TB. My body is ready. Bring the other (edited) leftovers now.
  4. They 're definitely working on CD era material. Slash has spoken about this several times. As for really, really NEW stuff, I personally doubt about it.
  5. I really missed the "What can I do? With a bitch like you". So I ended up playing the 2001 RIR, The "new" version (sic) is the same with the one leaked back in 2019 by The Chairman.
  6. Bad Obsession Welcome to mygnrforum!
  7. Here we go with this sh@t again. I've been patiently waiting for the hats, belly and boots discussion to begin officially. We really missed those days in here.
  8. No he couldn't. I don't believe uncle Ax has (or had) any opinion on so many matters. I obviously don't know the reason. But, "THEY 'RE FCKN' BACK" /s
  9. All hail TB. Best band management evah.
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