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  1. It would work. Probably what's been happening for a while. I'm really curious if Axl has been writting lately. For some reason, I doubt about it.
  2. Yep. I feel you. But I prefer this option than the fckn' Seeker. Seriously, who's been expecting a new album after so many years? It's gonna be "new", with CD leftovers like HS.
  3. So rough. So fckn'n wild. When someone asks you again why the "most dangerous band in the world", show them this one. * But first find the god damn link.
  4. Help me decide god damn it. Take for example CD. Every single song is so clean, different vocal range. It's a shame we don't have more (studio) music from him. Shame really.
  5. His an amazing guitarist, also an amazing dude. So underrated.. They 're so lucky to have him.
  6. Buckets insane solo (Boston 2002), 2006 in general. 2010 had also some amazing moments.
  7. Yep. You 're right. I felt so bad so I've purchased Pike 279
  8. I love Dragons of Eden. I 'll check the others.. Thanks again!
  9. Any Pike suggestions like the "bluesy" style of "Too Many Humans" or "Population Override" in general? Thanks.
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