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  1. Nope, that ain't the reason Paris 92 Limulus won't be released and not because of him Just let it stay like this
  2. Donwload festival 2018 (Easy and Jungle) Iceland 2018 seems more like an iem Miami Super Bowl Fest 2020 (SCOM)
  3. I guess the man got fired, if not we could ask😂
  4. Yeah, reading, don't care about not having Paradise City
  5. (The best page to download GNR bootlegs is register there if you wanna enjoy DVDs and audios) EDIT 14-9-2016 I'm sorry guys, but they've deleted those dvds -Music Machine 86 -Ritz 88 -Rio 91 (Both Nights) -Indiana 91 -St Louis 91 -Paris 92 -Farm Aid 90 -Chile 92 (Philly 88, Chicago and Oklahoma 92 and the dvds since Argentina 92 are still there) There are a lot of people that can get confused while downloading DVDs because there are a lot of authorings, so here is a list with the best authoring from every pro shot in my opinion
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