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  1. Besides most important news which is that GNR haven't been and isn't writing any new music, it's freakin' awesome to see how enthusiastic he is about this album and SMKC in general. One of the coolest interviews in years.
  2. Yet you haven't mentioned any rock bands. QOTSA is known for alternate tunings, same with Tomahawk (last record was terrible) and Gojira (how can you compare Gojira with SMKC?). Maiden and Priest are freakin' metal bands dude... SMKC is straight rock and roll band tuned in E/Eb, show me more such bands that their songwriting level is constant. And before you mention Dirty Honey, they did 3 good songs, GVF did one really good album. Shoot.
  3. Very nice interview: Some of you may have been right, Slash says that River is Rising was done even before the pre-production, it was a jam that became a song, they haven't thought much about it.
  4. Slash said in an interview for polish radio that they recorded each song in 1, 2 or 3 takes (including solos). They did some minor overdubs for backing vocals. He also said that he always wanted to make an album with 10 songs only, and with this one he's really happy because each song is very different from others and (his own words) there's an epic ballad. Will try to transcript the whole interview for you guys tomorrow. btw. Getting back to the song, dunno what Frank used for his parts during the recording process, but he has a really nice overdrive tone there. Sometimes it felt like it was Slash on the left channel.
  5. Absurd is bad, dunno how somebody can put HS and Absurd on the same shelf. To be honest I don't see anything good with Axl 'elevating hugely above anything' if vocals are layered so much that he even can't perform it at concert. HS is a freakin disaster live, haven't you heard it? Wrong and wrong. He sings the same, the material of AB allows him to use his voice more multidimensionally as the tracks are way more sophisticated compositionally, with different tunings and stuff. SMKC music are simple RN'R/blues driven standards. He doesn't want to make melodies he won't pull off live, it took him 7 years to face 'Words Darker Than Their Wings' and 4 years to try 'All Ends Well'. Now he'll be touring for couple months with Slash and that means a 2 hour show every second night. And unlike other vocalist often mentioned in this thread, he wouldn't be happy if he performed his own songs that bad. Myles admits in interviews that he's not using any distortion for years to preserve his voice, I think it's time to either accept it or stop following the band, because that thing won't change. Well, Slash limits himself with his love for pentatonic scales, after 30 years of writing music it must have happened at some point.
  6. I can't hear any new pedal in that song. Plus you should give the credit to the guy who's been with Slash in the band for 12 years, not Richard.
  7. Imagine this band is playing together for almost 12 years... When they started in 2010, Myles was 40 and Slash 45 years old Now they're 51 and 56, damn. 2012 2014 2017 2021
  8. After listening to that interview I posted, I recall how Apocalyptic Love was made. Todd, Brent and Myles (guitar and vocals) recorded it together live, but Slash did his guitars in so called 'Slash Box', not with the guys in one room. World On Fire was even more complicated as Slash did both rhythm and lead parts, with many layers. Myles' vocals was IMO the best so far on that album and it might've been caused by him focusing on polishing every single phrase, because he had time to do so. With upcoming '4' we must be aware that they probably did few takes of each song and picked the best versions, not many bands do such things these days. You still can find making of of Apocalyptic Love on YT, same with World On Fire (Real to Reel series). Slash also says that the record was done in April and he looked for a new publisher after that. So hiring Dave Cobb (or splitting ways with Elvis) wasn't Gibson Records decision. Btw. I hope they won't share more than two songs before the album release, it was disturbing that I knew 5 out of 12 songs on Living The Dream before they released it... Btw2. It's growing on me after every listen, Myles' voice modulation in second part of the chorus is great.
  9. I have that feeling that after 3:29 they won't stop at concerts and Slash will have his solo spot there. Perfect for his noodlin'...
  10. Is that a surprise for you? Dave Cobb was announced like 2 months ago bro edit: It's available on polish Spotify aswell.
  11. Weird it doesn't work where you're at. Description: Provided to YouTube by BMG Rights Management (US) LLC The River Is Rising (feat. Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators) · Slash · Myles Kennedy · The Conspirators The River Is Rising (feat. Myles Kennedy and The Conspirators) ℗ 2021 Snakepit Records, LLC / Gibson Records under exclusive license to BMG Rights Management (US) LLC Released on: 2021-10-22 Guitar: Slash Drums: Brent Fitz Bass: Todd Kerns Guitar: Frank Sidoris Sound Engineer, Producer: Dave Cobb Sound Engineer: Eddie Spear Sound Engineer: Phillip Smith Sound Engineer: John Ewing Sound Engineer: Ted Jensen Composer: S. Hudson Composer: M. Kennedy I hear Shadow Life/Too Far Gone in vocal melody here and there and I find this fast part during the solo and outro really refreshig, everyone could expect an interlude after that short breakdown, because we've heard that milion times. I'm dissapointed with the mix, sounds flat as 240p. I like this song more than You're a Lie and more than Driving Rain, WOF got me right off the bat.
  12. And there are some nice covers of albums with no name but just a number... I love Led Zep IV cover aswell.
  13. 1. The River Is Rising 2. Whatever Gets You By 3. C’est La Vie 4. The Path Less Followed 5. Actions Speak Louder Than Words 6. Spirit Love 7. Fill My World 8. April Fool 9. Call off the Dogs 10. Fall Back to Earth
  14. Hmm, according to the leaked tracklist this album contains only 10 songs...
  15. He said Aint Life Grand is a out of ordinary song.
  16. Yes, they recorded it like this on analog tapes. I never liked the mix, but it's way harder to record and produce an album this way.
  17. What I meant we'll get informations about it on friday. I don't expect tour before the release.
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