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  1. Breaking: Pharmaceutical company believes in flat earth New ivemerctin based medicine for Covid: https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20210419005658/en/Clinical-Trial-Conducted-by-MedinCell-Confirms-the-Safety-of-Continuous-Administration-of-Ivermectin https://www.bloomberg.com/press-releases/2021-04-19/clinical-trial-conducted-by-medincell-confirms-the-safety-of-continuous-administration-of-ivermectin-knorrnr1A And what do you say, zero side effects?
  2. We have no idea what they treated him with. We know they would definitely lie if it suited their purposes. Let's just take a random country. Say Nigeria, can't get any more African than that. 200 million people. 2% vaccinated. 3000 covid deaths. Ok, ok they don't test them but surely they can still count dead people. So what about death rate? 2021 lower than 2020 and 2020 lower than 2019. I've visited the third world and one of the most obvious differences is the ready and cheap availability of pharmaceutical drugs. In the West you have to go through a doctor for most stuff and they have been ordered to not give out ivermectin. There is a mountain of evidence if you just did 30 mins of reading on a duckgoduck search.
  3. Apparently it is close enough. Over 300 studies last I read and the results to prove it in the countries mentioned. Everything is harmful when used wrongly. Too much water will kill you. Such things could all be avoided if doctors and government got involved instead of ripping it off the shelves to justify their cocktail. MRNA vaccines don't give you immunity. A virus with a 99,5% survival rate is what your immune system is meant to handle on its own. Why should a healthy person risk side effects for a virus that won't be a problem for him? You don't achieve immunity, you can still infect others. Nothing changes. And if you get sick in the first 8 weeks you risk becoming very sick indeed because your immune system has still not worked itself back from the vaccine shock.
  4. He's good at gathering information from other sources. But ok you want a doctor. The inventor of MRNA technology Robert Malone tells you to not take this shot. The inventor of the PCR test Kary Mullis tells you not to use the test for Covid because it is useless. You get a bunch of false positives, especially when you exceed 35 cycles. We do 40. Patients take the drug, they mostly get well. Entire continents are doing it with success. What more evidence do you need? Heart inflammation has bad long term statistics. You have a good chance of dying in the near future if you get it. This happens primarily in young men with high testosterone levels and it has been a notorious side effect of the vaccine.
  5. We have no idea what was actually used to treat Trump. If they did use that he's lucky to be alive. And the rest of Africa? The non Western, non vaccinated part? How are they doing? 6% vaccinated. There doesn't appear to be any crisis like up here. Those diseases are the reason this drug is widely available in the third world. Even better it is also very effective against covid and other similar diseases. Which is why countries like India and Japan have gotten wise and ended their epidemics along with most of Africa. No lockdowns, no reeducation camps and no sending families on the street because they refuse experimental jabs from big pharma. Of course with the relentless and aggressive jabbing going on this might all change soon.
  6. It's from the same genetic family as the cold, so yeah. That's why large parts of the world have fought this disease with great success using these cheap and effective drugs. And the best part? They're non harmful. No children in the ICU or the morgue, no debilitating headaches for the rest of your life or a heart attack in 3 to 8 years if you got mycordatis, statistically speaking.
  7. Try Alex Berenson's substack. Just put it in a search engine. No? Let's say you are a doctor. For years you have been treating patients with ivermectin and querctin. Then the government comes and says you have to stop that else lose your license, and that from now on you shall only prescribe remesdesvir which is very expensive, very lethal and has practically no medicinal effect. Patients come to you, people you know. You know what kind of medicine will probably save their lives but instead you are forced to give them something that will almost certainly lead to their deaths instead. Who uses ivermectin and querctin? India, Japan, Africa. Do they have Covid? Nope. While over here in the vaccinated west people have never been sicker. The truth is literally staring you in the face.
  8. And to all the people that are saying "trust the experts!", why do you think doctors and nurses are quitting in droves instead of submitting to the jab? They're all just Alex Jones subscribers? Well maybe they are now...
  9. If you wanted to know, you would know! All the information is available to anyone who wants it. I guess I don't have to tell you that place is not MSNBC.
  10. The lack of logic in this statement is absolutely shocking. Not very confident in your "vacccine" are you?
  11. Nah, waste of time. Might as well try to turn a Jihadist away from his religion.
  12. It takes 10 years to do proper trials. This was rolled out in 1 and the amount of deaths and side effects do not look promising. You are already 1/50 at risk for a side effect and that's the very lowball number. Could easily be 1/25 or even 1/10. My father was already hospitalized and is suffering constant headaches 6 months and counting. I should take this shot for a disease I already had? Forget about it!
  13. They are going to do a lot more than march if they keep pushing. It is not demonstrably good for you and this fact is being suppressed, which is why you don't know about it. Those of us who do know will go down fighting before this poison is injected into us. I don't see what is irrational with doubting companies that have put out bad product before and lied about it. This vaccine isn't even approved. They have no clue what will happen long term. Or at least, we don't.
  14. Not enough time has passed. In the animal experiments most of the animals died within 2 years. My friend's father just took a test at his doctor. Immune cell counts had never been lower. This could be...dangerous.
  15. This is going to sound crazy optimistic, but maybe the reason Absurd and HS are released like this is because it's just something they want to put out there on their own, while the real album gets taken care of by the label. Would explain the lack of promotion, they are not going to sink their own money into it.
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