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  1. I'm completely agree with that sentiment. Although I don't think they would dilute their brand. They would have had fans from every single Era. Just like how I would go get a beer during scom someone else would go piss while oh my God played. I just really hate how much material is sitting in some vault somewhere lol
  2. I was listening to Oh My God again and I couldn't help but think about the direction of the band Axl had in mind. I love all eras of GNR and I do really like oh my God. When I stop and think about the content we could have gotten from Axl in the late 90s still in his prime boggles my mind. I know the turn to more industrial rock sound isn't everyone's cup of tea but I am I fan of almost every genre of music. Not just hard rock. So the song is such an interesting look into where Axl was musically at the time. The dude never stopped evolving. Estranged sounds nothing like anything from appetite
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