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  1. I've had my Xbox One for a couple of years and honestly, I've never had any problems with it. The download speeds are a drag though but that's not the console's fault I just put that down to the download speed from my provider and the internet speed in my area which is not the greatest. Let's say I'm downloading a tv series through my TV and it got a few episodes to download and I'm on my Xbox at the same time, it will handle it but I notice some lag in areas and it will jump at certain points, I just found that pausing my download on my TV while finishing up on the Xbox works for me. During Q
  2. How many other big rock bands would take & put up with Fernando's crap until they fired him?
  3. What's wrong with maybe a few gigs with Izzy or a few or maybe a dozen at most! Shake things up a bit!
  4. Anybody notice any promotion for these shows? Posters in Citys etc.
  5. Could Guns in 1996 make an album that would be on par in quality to Metallica's Load & Reload?
  6. How long have we been strung along with the follow up to CD? I get lineup changes have thrown a wrench into the works but you have to question they're true intentions when touring becomes there main focus for almost five years & completing previously recorded material, if they have recorded between tour legs then fair enough but who really knows!
  7. Do you know what they should do? Have a three-hour meeting & seriously look at what they are doing in regard to a new album, all things considered. Kidding aside...if somebody complained to the band's management about lack of new music and they responded...it would be turned into a negative thing and it would be my fault for spending hundreds of dollars on live tickets, merch & old music.
  8. Most GNR dates for a couple of years doubt they will come close to 2017 but I will hardly be surprised if they added fall dates later on down the line.
  9. Neither did I...its just his eyes look a little puffy.
  10. Not surprised they didn't drop some new material. Is it not best to drop that on an actual GNR gig and not a festival? Axl look's to be in better shape than the 2-3 previous legs. I hope he can keep that off & stay motivated come to the next gigs that are quite far spread out.
  11. Look's like he put the alcohol down & picked up the weed instead.
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