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  1. https://www.rollingstone.com/pro/news/california-venues-reopen-june-15-1152162/
  2. Just one thing I noticed. Some people took my comment yesterday for their own purpose. Let's see where things stand before making assumptions on if the concert will actually be postponed. I think there is now a slim possibility of it happening.
  3. I did post back in March 1 that it was 15% attendance. Now it's at 30%. I think there will be a possibility of a show at MetLife. If the vaccine rollout is continues to improve, the capacity will be raised.
  4. Well March 1, Governor Murphy announced 15% attendance at outdoor venue. I actually brought this up on March 1 in this forum. It's now March 30th and he doubled the capacity. We shall se where things go in the next couple of months. I think there might be a possibility now of having a show at MetLife Stadium.
  5. Governor Murphy in NJ announced today that outdoor venues can have 30% capacity now. I'm wondering if there now might be some chance of GNR at least playing at MetLife Stadium.
  6. Are you sure about that? I thought Axl did appear on the song.
  7. It was actually written when GNR opened for Iron Maiden. GNR was trying to get kicked off the tour and wrote this song as a result.
  8. Easy E's estate missed out on a big opportunity to release this song. They have the recording. In 2016, you had the GNR reunion tour and the Straight outta Compton movie. I don't get how they missed an opportunity like that.
  9. No offense, but what is the point of this thread? You can't compare the two. Granted, some songs were written before the songs on AFD were written like Don't Cry. Bad Obsession was written before Brownstone. You also need Estranged and Don't Damn Me in there. I like the UYI just as much as AFD. I just don't see the point in this.
  10. No offense, but this is a terrible idea! AFD was made by 5 guys. I don't want to hear it being rehashed by people who didn't create the album.
  11. Wow! I never knew that it was a cover song. I thought Great White had composed it. I like Great White due to that song and Rock Me. Additionally, I didn't know that GNR was going to cover it. I think it would have sounded even better!
  12. Actually that's poor advice. I wouldn't use a debit card since it's harder to get your money back if fraud is committed or debit card numbers are stolen. Either pay your bills on time when using a credit card or pay cash.
  13. Say what you will. Fact is that NITL tour gave stunning performances. Also we do know that there has been work done on a new GNR album with Slash and Duff on it. The question is that when will that album be released.
  14. With all due respect, people really need to stop wishing for Buckethead and Finck to return. The reality is that if Slash leaves for a second time, GNR would be over.
  15. HS was most likely started by the old band. My theory is that it's from the 94-96 session. Duff made mention of the song as Jackie Chan in 96. Also, it has a similar structure to classic GNR songs.
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