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  1. Yeah well at least my atonement for white privilege led to the election of President Biden who will respect the office of the President of the United States and the Americans with Disabilities Act.
  2. Axl and Slash are both GNR. Casual fans and the AFD5 fans (myself included in the AFD5) would say that they are equally important. Like I said before in this thread, CD likely wouldn't have succeeded in 2000-2002 since it was under the GNR brand name. Like with any brands, people expect certain things. You bring up Ozzy. Ozzy went solo and didn't use the Black Sabbath name. Axl is my childhood idol, but he made the wrong calculation in thinking that GNR would be successful without Slash. I think Axl could have been successful as just a solo artist. He could have experimented with music
  3. I really don't think it would have been successful. The biggest issue was that this was released under the GNR brand name. If Axl didn't use the GNR name and released it in the early 00s, MAYBE it would have been more successful than 2008. With that being said, it's speculation and a what if scenario.
  4. How do you explain the Duff reference to it being Jackie Chan in 1997? Matt Sorum did say they had 7 songs completed and 7 songs that they were still working on. My guess is that Hard School was something they were working on. Don't forget prior to the reunion, Fortus stated that they were working on a song that Slash had started to develop.
  5. Hard School is definitely classic GNR. There's no doubt. I don't think that was written by the CD lineup. Now, Perhaps could be CD lineup.
  6. As I previously stated in other threads, my opinion is that Hard School came from the 94-96 sessions. I have my doubts that this was from the CD lineup. If you notice the song structure is similar to classic GNR songs like You Could Be Mine and Don't Damn Me. It sounds nothing like something on CD. Also, you have Duff referring to this song as Jackie Chan back in 1997. I would say Perhaps as well came from the 94-96 session.
  7. If the NITL lineup collapses then that is it for GNR. Some people need to realize this.
  8. I'm not surprised by the NJ show. It's really up to Governor Murphy as to when MetLife Stadium will be reopen to the public. We've been hit hard with Covid. Governor Murphy announced today that NJ has had 6,000 cases of Covid. The highest number since the first wave. My childhood friend and I decided to keep our tickets when refunds were being offered. Hopefully, the concert will happen at some point.
  9. I have to respectfully disagree with your comment. How are they a trainwreck now?! They just had one of the most successful tours in rock history. I understand that you maybe disappointed regarding a new album. A trainwreck, though?! I think this comment would definitely apply from 2011-2014. Now?! I really don't think so.
  10. I thought GNR was dead in November 2011 when I saw them at the IZod Center. The IZOD Center was half empty. Also, the IZOD Center was shutting down for the new Prudential Center in NJ. The following year they did the Las Vegas residency. When a music artist starts to do that, the career is over. I kinda gave up back then. When the GNR old school logo started to show up in 2015, it renewed my hopes. Since the reunion, I have maintained an optimistic viewpoint. I'm not wavering from that. As I previously said on here, people need to maintain their own expectations. That's all I'm going to say
  11. I would love to hear that as well. From what I remember reading about that song was that Easy E's estate has it and doesn't want to release it.
  12. Not reaching at all. Listen to the tempo and how the song is structured. It's similar to You Could Be Mine and Don't Damn Me. I seriously doubt it came from the Nu-GNR. Again, Duff did mention this song. It's probably one of the songs they were working on in 94-96. For me, I really like this song!
  13. My own theory is that Hard School came from the 94-96 session. The song structure is classic GNR. I don't think Nu-GNR worked on it. Also Hard School was once known as Jackie Chan. In a 1997 interview, Duff alluded to the Jackie Chan song when he was still in GNR at the time.
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