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  1. I take NJ Transit for my commute into NYC regarding work. It's mandated on NJ Transit buses to wear mask. I see people entering the bus and then take them off or lower it to their chin when they are seated. Masks are also mandated at the Port Authority. I'm starting to see more people not wearing it at the Port Authority.
  2. It is. There was a thread on this forum a few years ago where Blackstar and I both confirmed this. Since I work for Bloomberg on the data side, I know how to research companies. There was a legal filing dated 2017 that confirms the partnership of Axl, Slash, and Duff in the state of California.
  3. I've brought this up previously. Slash explained in the early 90s why GNR would never perform Don't Damn Me live. It's due to how the lyrics are structured and not giving Axl enough time to breathe.
  4. I just read this article. https://www.nj.com/coronavirus/2021/07/covid-vaccines-999-effective-in-nj-with-84-breakthrough-hospitalizations-31-deaths-among-fully-vaccinated-murphy-says.html
  5. The two NJ shows were definitely the biggest for GNR. Having lived in North NJ my entire life, I can. say that the original GNR was and is VERY popular so it's not surprising. I think Dodger Stadium as well.
  6. I was thinking of going to the MetLife show maskless. My childhood friend and I are both fully vaccinated. Now that you brought this up, I may bring my mask with me just in case.
  7. Nice! Enjoy it! I would but I'm going with a childhood friend of mine. He and I will probably meet with a couple of his other friends. I'm not sure where I will be in the parking lot. I'm not sure which car we are taking. I have a disabled placard so if we go in my car then I'll be parking in a disabled spot. If we go in his car then it'll be someplace in the parking lot. I definitely will not be on here that day.
  8. My expectation is to enjoy a few beers and food while tailgating and then listening to my favorite all time band.
  9. Three weeks from today is the MetLife show. I can't wait!!!
  10. Hahaha. Jets will ALWAYS be the little brother to the Giants. Kidding. I hope they do well this season. I'm looking forward to going to the Giants home opener on September 12th. I'm sitting in the same area that I got for the GNR concert.
  11. I have said this before and I'll say it again. Axl's biggest business mistake was trying to recreate GNR with new members. He should have put the name on hiatus until he worked things out with Slash and Duff. He could have went solo and would have been able to create any type of music he wanted. People would still follow him. The record company would have given him money. He would have still been able to play venues like MSG. Instead of this, he was performing in a half filled venue like the Izod Center, which was about to be shut down in 2011.
  12. I still care. GNR is my favorite all time band. Nothing is going to change that. I will still see them whenever I can. Since I'm starting to become a caregiver to one of my parents, there might be a time where either caring for my parent, job or something else may come up and I cannot make it to a GNR concert if they are in the NJ/NYC area. With that being said, exactly 1 month from today I'll be totally excited to see GNR at MetLife Stadium.
  13. Please don't make an assumption based on your own perception. No one really knows what will happen. You do have Slash saying that he has worked on a new GNR album. Additionally, people thought that GNR would NEVER reunite. I thought that as well after the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame ceremony. 3 years laters, Axl, Slash, and Duff reunited. You just never know.
  14. One of my favorite UYI songs is Don't Damn Me. I would LOVE to FINALLY hear it live. I know it won't happen since they didn't perform the song during their prime. Still, that would be an awesome surprise.
  15. I was at the first Hammerstein Ballroom show. It was the first time I went to a concert solo. I met people from the Here Today Gone To Hell message board. It was a fun night. Unfortunately, it showed me that I cannot be at a venue that is standing only.
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