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  1. Ewww, jock rock! Listen to that deep powerful bass drum, awful! Listen to the supporting vocals and rhthym from Izzy, trash! Thank god Axl set us right and gave us Absurd instead.
  2. Put this song on Libertad and we'd be ragging on this as B+ material and not worth Axl's time. I don't think this was a Herculean effort from any of the parties involved and I think it shows. It doesn't even have Cornshucker charm.
  3. LMAO Guy torpedos one of the greatest bands in rock history only to pull a pseudo Howard Hughes for 20 years, run out of money and ask Slash to rejoin so they stitch songs together on ProTools
  4. I do give them credit that they've been applauded for throwing shit at the wall - that the standard of practice for Guns N' Roses has fallen so incredibly low - that a reworked song that is 20 years old - is met with any type of positive reception is impressive. Most impressive.
  5. Reporter: Explain the line "pussy full of maggots"? Duff: Well I wasn't actually in the band when that was written.......
  6. Hmmm, if this is a troll job.... "Hey Axl, Slash! You big dummies! Don't reunite with Izzy and Steven. They suck! You'd suck worse with them than Frank/Richard/Melissa/Ugly Graphics Big Screen Video Guy" That should do it!
  7. Still haven't received my refund for the show. Anyone else in the same boat?
  8. Just depends on the circumstance. Lots of factors make getting in early preferential. As some one who has stood rail at all 5 of my Gn'R experiences, the Ottawa experience was tough because of the heat and the lunar eclipse. By the end of the show - people were begging Gio/security staff for water. The two October shows in Toronto were bitterly cold standing in line, and security/event staff were unprepared and almost pancaked the first 5-7 people in line (including me) and almost cost us our spots because they didn't know which doors to open. So, I would have gladly paid an early entry fee to avoid all of that. But those are the perils of rock n' roll, or so I'm told......
  9. Considering some of the past output from Vance and Bottleneck - this is a severe disappointment.
  10. For any hardcore Bond fans, this is a must-read. A great look at the nebulous 6 year gap between LTK and Goldeneye and the saga of what went into the lost Dalton films.
  11. Reminds me of that scene in the Steve Jobs movie where Jeff Daniels is explaining the selling off of the SuperBowl TV Ad and (paraphrasing) said, "I told them to try but I wouldn't be too upset if they couldn't get it done." Seems like that was the attitude of the entire band. "Try but if it doesn't work out -meh, fuck 'em."
  12. I've always argued that 1997 may have been the best year for the WWF ever. It has Bret's best work as a character. Austin's best and most original work as Stone Cold. Michaels was great. It was the birth of the Attitude Era - but still relied on traditional wrestling programming and feuding. I hold it in high regard next to WWF '88-'89 years.
  13. With all the corroborating evidence we have now - it seems obvious that Vince simply decided to pick Shawn over Bret culminating with Survivor Series '97 - and that it never had anything to do with Vince's monetary concerns regarding Bret's contract, seeing as Jim Ross has confirmed that Vince was paying Michaels $750,000 to stay at home up until the point WCW went out of business. It's all moot now - but I think he picked the wrong guy. And on some level - he has to know that. Bret Vs Austin at Wrestlemania XIV would have been one of the great main events in Wrestlemania history - maybe the greatest ever. He could have had great programs with Austin, Rock, Undertaker and new blood like Angle, Benoit and Jericho.
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