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  1. Nightrain hands down for guns as a band and locomotive is the one song that’s the best for Axl/Slash combo at it’s best
  2. I still get goosebumps whenever I watch GNR on the Freddie Mercury tribute concert. A top band on top of the world. Probably one of my favourite performances of KOHD and PC.
  3. Totally agree i thought Gilby was a good replacement for Izzy it’s just a pity Axl didn’t see it that way.
  4. I don’t think it will either. I’m surprised it’s still scheduled to go ahead. They should’ve cancelled it when the likes of Glastonbury did. Festivals and concerts are surely going to be one of the last things to go ahead when they start lifting restrictions from the lockdown.
  5. TRNSMT is still going ahead on Glasgow green and that’s 2 weeks after GNR are scheduled to play there. I’m surprised it’s still going ahead tbh but I still can’t see GNR playing though.
  6. Maybe Duff can update us on wether they’ve figured out how to release an album next 😂
  7. I hope so too it’ll be my first time seeing GNR so I’ll be gutted if the show is cancelled. But it’ll be understandable if it does get cancelled
  8. I voted for yes. Slash has been to Axl’s studio twice that we know off plus Slash said in the last interview he did that there’s recordings done. Apart from the pointless 5 or 6 weeks tour in Oct/Nov 19 Axl has had nearly a year and a half to work on songs that have existed plus hopefully new songs. Surely even Axl has at least done something towards a new album in that time. The one thing that’s kept me optimistic from early on in the reunion was the way Axl spoke in the China Exchange interview about playing Slash and Duff some of the songs he had. There seemed a bit of enthusiasm then
  9. Move to the city and Pretty Tied Up I think Axl would be fine with.
  10. I would like to see Izzy back and writing songs with GNR but Vicky is wrong. The reason we’ve not had an album or look like getting one is because of Axl and the way he does things. Even if Izzy was in the band we’d still be having the same discussions about a new album because at the end of the day the final decision lies with Axl. And there would be even more frustration among the forum in knowing there’s songs with Izzy’s input and potentially nothing getting released.
  11. Exactly , an update on recording and a rough timeline for the album would be simple and easy. Of course most of us would still not believe it till we have it in our hands but it would at least give fans more hope an album will come out.
  12. I haven’t voted as I’m kinda in between the 2 options. GNR will always be my favourite band and it’s still good Axl Slash and Duff are still out there playing together. Had a reunion been done right and/or they operated like a normal band with new music etc then it would’ve been a still great vote. I wouldn’t say the band is a mess but it’s very frustrating with the way Axl /TB are running the band.
  13. My opinion on Slash and Duff hasn’t changed but my opinion on Axl since the start of NITL tour has
  14. Will do it’ll be my first time going to see them so I’ll enjoy it anyway no matter what 😀but new songs would just be the icing on the cake. For now I’m in the view of that there’s an album more or less done but it’s the fact that Axl has the last say in it doesn’t give me a lot of hope for now. But fingers crossed anyway.
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