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  1. I’ve got jungle as my ringtone. I remember when I had a Nokia 3310 as my first mobile phone in late 90’s and you used to be able to make your own ringtone by keying in the notes. So I sat and got my guitar and worked through all the notes to the SCOM intro so I had it for my ringtone.
  2. That’s something that’s went through ma head a few times in the past few months. I don’t know how close Axl was to having an album finished in 2014 but Slash and Duff seem like the people that would come in and say “if that was your plan before we rejoined then that’s what we’ll do.” At the end of the day as much as it’s a reunion I guess it’s still a continuation of GNR. Slash has SMKC as a new music output for some of his ideas so that probably means he’s more willing to work away with the old material with GNR. It’s not ideal as I think they could still bring some half decent songs to the table but it is what it is.
  3. I think continue to work on new songs / album would be the ideal situation. But I think it’ll be silence until the European run next year. Slash will go into SMKC mode and start doing interviews soon.
  4. Pretty Tied Up was rehearsed in Mexico in 2020 and I reckon it would’ve been played. I’m gutted they haven’t played it this leg Axl would be able to sing it easily enough. I also think Hard Skool would’ve been the first new song released had 2020 had went ahead.
  5. I agree and the fact it seems to be one of Axl’s better vocals on the set still surprises me Think about you is heavily underrated IMO. Also think Anything Goes is good too AFD was a sleazy album and the song fits better than on UYI I think.
  6. I suppose your right on Axl not blowing his voice. Between GNR and AC/DC It did take its toll on him I think. There was at least some damage. I agree on bringing Ron back.
  7. IMO the AC/DC shows blew Axl’s vocals and he’s never recovered. It was frustrating that he never brought that level of vocals to the GNR shows especially at the early stages of a reunion. But with that said even after how it’s all turned out in regards to Axl’s vocals, it was the right thing at the time for him as it put him back in the spotlight again in a good way. As for it being motivation this leg is the happiest Axl has been for many years so I don’t see that being the problem as such. His voice is what it is unfortunately
  8. 2 “new” songs released, the band sound tighter and Axl seems the happiest he’s been for a long time. Things definitely going in the right direction. Let’s hope they continue to keep the positive steps going
  9. That’s why I don’t want an album full of CD leftovers with 20 year old vocals and would rather at least get a mixture of old and new. Can you imagine having a tour to promote a new album just for Axl to either not sing half the songs or sing them bad because he isn’t capable of singing the “new “ songs anymore? It could be embarrassing. I really hope I’m wrong and over reacting
  10. I agree with this as I love Bad Apples.I think it might’ve stood out more being put in between the other 2 songs mentioned rather than being in between DDM ,DH and Coma which are all class songs.
  11. I would say middle to near the encore. Once the song has been out for a while I could see it being a good opener on the next leg ( whenever that may be )
  12. GNR will do fuck all and Slash will go into SMKC mode a bit earlier than planned. That’s what I think will happen
  13. Just watched the video Russ and really enjoyed it 👍 totally agree that there’s no way to fit all the good songs on the albums into one album. For me personally I used to own the cassettes before buying the CD versions of UYI and my favourite run of tracks was “side 2 “ of UYI 1 (NR through to Coma). Whenever I played it I just couldn’t skip any of the songs. As far as UYI 2 goes I think the end of the album ends at YCBM for me. It’s cool they recorded alt lyrics for don’t cry and I know a lot of people prefer it over the original but I barely listen to it. Overall I think UYI 2 has the stronger tracks ( I mean come on Breakdown, Locomotive and Estranged ) but it’s just a pity it seems like a let down at the end. Both albums are great and underrated sometimes and the fact they were different from AFD just made it better. They were the soundtrack of my teenage years and I never get sick of listening to them.
  14. I still think we won’t see hard school played this leg. For whatever reason (probably vocal) Absurd ended up being the song released this leg. Unless there’s any footage of Axl rehearsing Hard school with the band before a show then I wouldn’t get any hopes up of it getting played soon. It’ll all come down to Axl’s vocals
  15. I honestly don’t see hard school getting played till the next leg as Absurd will be the new song for this leg. And even at that it could depend on Axl’s vocals.
  16. I have only heard Hard school from the leaks and I’m not interested in any of the other leaks as I wasn’t a CD fan so they’d all be new to me. I’m still in hope that there’ll be at least some new songs on any new album. I’m hoping that the songs from CD era they do use for a new album get totally reworked and give an idea what the current line up is all about. I want to know where the band are now in regards to sound etc not anything to where they were from a line up from 20 years ago.
  17. For some reason that went through my head earlier on today. It wouldn’t surprise me if some of an album sounded that more VR than GNR especially on any CD era songs that’s been worked on. VR’s sound at the time was more modern at the time compared to CD IMO. I think it would work now as well.
  18. So does anyone think GNR towels with Absurd on it will be the next GNR merch ?
  19. Does anyone think the decision to release Absurd was only made very recently? I know it’s hard to tell with just the one show in 2020 but considering it was only Hard school that was on the alt list I think if it wasn’t for COVID then Hard school would’ve come out first. Was Absurd maybe recorded during lockdown and once they listened to it they just said “fuck it just go with Absurd first “ ? (Probably for a laugh ) it just seems to have come from nowhere
  20. This just highlights how amateur TB are as a management team. The first big and positive step GNR have taken by releasing a song and adding positivity among fans and beta goes and shows why the previous years before it were a shambles.
  21. Don’t know if iTunes chart varies in countries but in UK it’s number 17
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