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  1. Definitely a better venue and within walking distance from city centre. Hopefully wether adds to hopefully a good day
  2. I voted new music. To me it’s the only thing left for the band to do that has any excitement. They fucked up the best chance of a reunion in 2016 and if I want to hear Axl in his prime voice then I’ll listen to the 87-93 era stuff when the rest of the band were in they’re prime as well.
  3. Nightrain hands down for guns as a band and locomotive is the one song that’s the best for Axl/Slash combo at it’s best
  4. I still get goosebumps whenever I watch GNR on the Freddie Mercury tribute concert. A top band on top of the world. Probably one of my favourite performances of KOHD and PC.
  5. Totally agree i thought Gilby was a good replacement for Izzy it’s just a pity Axl didn’t see it that way.
  6. I don’t think it will either. I’m surprised it’s still scheduled to go ahead. They should’ve cancelled it when the likes of Glastonbury did. Festivals and concerts are surely going to be one of the last things to go ahead when they start lifting restrictions from the lockdown.
  7. TRNSMT is still going ahead on Glasgow green and that’s 2 weeks after GNR are scheduled to play there. I’m surprised it’s still going ahead tbh but I still can’t see GNR playing though.
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