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  1. I asked here about this song, wanting to know the name of it. Modders come, laugh, say "lol it's not axl" and lock my topic. Is this how we behave on this forum? I will ask this question again, maybe I will get more reasonable answers this time. I think that this song here that I linked is sung by Axl Rose, I have listened to lot of impersonations and I am almost certain its Axl singing, if you are so sure it's fake, please tell me name of it, or move it to the relevant section of forum, but don't delete the post.
  2. Ok, assure me please. What part of the whole song (including instrumental) didn't sound Axl-esque?
  3. Well I haven't, all the different registers used in this song is screaming young Axl, if it's an impersonation, it's a best one
  4. Anybody knows what's the song called? It seems like Axl cover from Pre-Guns era, but it's definitely Axl Rose singing.
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