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  1. Sorry, misinterpreted what you wrote
  2. That's quite contrary to what I've read (not the comments of CEO's of medical companies, which I consider as speculation at this point, as far as I know they are also speculating for now?). What are your sources regarding that the cases in SA are skyrocketing (in a way unparalleled to other countries) and that omicron causes illness more severe than the other (known) variants (Not trying to be a dick, seriously curious)? I will confess that I mainly follow "chise" on twitter regarding covid news, as he/she/it (I'll call her a she for now for easier reading) is a senior scientist (working with vaccines) and is cautious and rational about the whole ordeal. She seems credible as well as her feed is stacked with actual (also credible) scientific articles and she's also transparent about what she bases her assesments on. I highly recommend everybody interested to follow her: https://mobile.twitter.com/sailorrooscout
  3. I wish everybody could just relax about omicron. Nobody knows anything yet, and if we're going to speculate this early on it seems like people infected with the omicron is less likely to get seriously ill than the ones infected with delta. If we're going to be ignorant, why choose the pessimistic rather than the optimistic route? It doesn't help. Haha, of course! What a twat.
  4. Eric feigl-ding is one of the worst fear mongering clowns I've ever come across.
  5. Damn, talk about about loads of possible spurios variables and low validity. The authors admits this themselves in the actual study.
  6. I've always thought that the Main riff to "just like anything" is an absolute banger. Classic Slash single string-riff. It comes in after the pretty boring (and too long) intro. I also love his long riffs (covering several bars before repeating) like the ones mentioned in this thread; serial killer and DDM. Honorary mention to the main riff in ain't life grand.
  7. Surely, you're talking about eastern europe? The vaccination rate in the countries in the west and north of europe is pretty spectacular.
  8. Went to brač in croatia a couple of weeks ago. Really beatiful, apparently there's loads of tourists there in the summer, but going there "off season" was really nice. The locals were really friendly. Going to prague over new years as well. Loved it the last time I was there.
  9. Republicans are always talking about that they're against all restrictions of freedom. Why all the censorship, isn't it a extreme restriction on the freedom for people to read or write about whatever they want, whenever they want to? Hypocrites. I just want to say in passing that I don't consider myself as a democrat. Oh, and also by the way on the rest of the worlds scale of politics, both the democrats and republicans are right wing-parties. Just one more so than another, the "socialist-stamp" gets passed around so much, it seems like few people actually has the slightest grasp of political ideology. End of rant, (sorry for OT- and as you propably know, downzy it wasn't in the slightest directed to you).
  10. Actually; vaccines apparently do work. But yeah, there's some evidence that masks does work, but I can see why people are skeptical, the studies aren't exactly convincing. Since it seems that the virus is airborne and alcohol is a poor sanitizer for viruses I can also see your point there. The worst part of this pandemic (besides the obvious, that People are dying) are the lockdowns. Apparently they don't work and they are also a measure that only takes the virus in consideration when the effect of lockdowns hits almost all other aspects of society HARD.
  11. Good for you! Everybody should follow your example. There's no point in dwelling on it, even though I know its hard not to, especially since it is a virus that has been politicized, which is crazy in itself.
  12. Oh, b witched? Just now I recognized the blonde one.
  13. Hasn't this always been the case, that Axl uses g n' r outlets for personal messages, like for example the ending of the don't cry-video?
  14. Another nuance to take in consideration for future pandemics.
  15. Thanks! One (of many) thoughts about this study; the People in the experiment group got information which also increased the social distancing, so is it that the mask in itself that lowered the transmission rate or was it the information mask wearing People got, which resulted in greater distancing? But yeah, since the ones with surgical masks had significantly lower transmission rate than ones with cloth masks, apparently surgical masks work (to some extent) to lower the transmission rate. Ok. Obligatory mask wearing should then come with a disclaimer that only surgical masks are allowed? (I know that everything regarding covid is a Touchy subject for a lot of people, but it isn't for me. Sorry if I'm percieved as a cynic- I am one, I'm only interested in facts and a somewhat rational discussion, especially regarding this virus. this since People are going bonkers)
  16. I know that it's BS, can't trust anything where there's no transparency on data and how the study was conducted. Obviously the vaccines work. If somebody doesn't want to get vaccinated, fine. But the decision should be based on facts. And then people can choose to whatever they want. It's sad that there's so much desinformation about this vaccine. And; while I'm totally on your side regarding that it's a Good idea to get vaccinated I haven't seen any study that shows that masks (excluding the ones that essentially work as air cleaners and cost about $ 200) is really making a difference.
  17. This is based on what? Couldn't find anything on ron johnsons Twitter regarding this (or any statistic to support it). Seems like anti-vax propaganda bs. I'd advise everybody to fact check everything be4 they take it as the truth.
  18. The link doesn't work in sweden either. Guess it's an european thing.
  19. I'm curious of why you're not getting the shot? Maybe you've already written about your reasons, in that case, I missed it. And: if your government started to impose vaccine passes that makes it near impossible for you to lead a normal life, would you get the shot then? No blame or pressure, I'm just curious about your reasoning.
  20. So... regarding axl; full on rasp and cracking jokes tonight? (obviously depending on if you're there in person or watching youtube-clips that "doesn't make his voice justice")
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