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  1. Are you the one that accused people of being xenophobic of brazilians just because they criticized TB? If so; thanks, gave me a good laugh.
  2. Would you like to hang out with your friends? If so, why not get the vaccine, besides stubbornes? I'll never understand why people choose (petty and irrational) principles before happiness. But hey, each to their own.
  3. Halfway there then (given that the ones who's taken the first dose will also get a second dose)?
  4. I have my suspicions why the comparisons have stopped. But those suspicions are borderline conspiracy theoristic so I'll keep my trap shut.
  5. That's great! Any news regarding going the swedish/danish route?
  6. Meanwhile in Sweden: By the end of this month we'll lose (almost) all (covid) restrictions. I'm happy!
  7. There's plenty of variants. Though, if you look at the data, delta has the Most prevalence, even in countries with "newer" variants, basically because it's the Most contagious variant. Every virus mutates endlessly. Do you follow "chise" on Twitter? There's loads of sensible scientists and other medical experts using twitter that sees and explains everything in a rational manner. I can give you some links that I can guarantee Will calm your nerves about all this, if you're up for it?
  8. Yeah, the future looks bright for us scandinavians. I'm longing for the day the norwegian government stops considering us swedes as "plague rats", I want to go back and enjoy the fjords!
  9. So, got my second pfizer jab a couple of hours ago. Not experiencing any side effects (yet). I'm relatively young and in good shape, so I've never been really worried about catching Covid. Just doing my (small) part to get everything back to normal. I'm swedish and have found the restrictions painful this far, so it's hard for me to fathom how people in countries with harder restrictions, and lockdowns, has been able to handle it. Especially extroverts. I feel for you.
  10. So the solution is lockdowns? For how long? The proof is in the pudding. Look at all countries that applied lockdowns, what happened next? You could do it the nz way, but for how long? As soon as you're opening up someone Will get infected, and what then? Lockdowns again? I can't see the logic with this strategy, especially if you're considering the psychological harm lockdowns are causing.
  11. Does anyone know if the UYI OR appetite studio recording (or pre production) sessions were filmed? I'd pay top dollar for that.
  12. For me, strong black coffee is a must after every meal, so around three cups a day. I used to drink around 12 cups a day when I was at uni. Stopped when I started to get anxiety attacks and had to shit all the time.
  13. Bumping thread: IMO Remakes just reeks of lack of creativity and cashing in on easy marketing. Like disney doing remakes of all of their classics. C'mon.
  14. Got some east London recommendations for you since I lived in bethnal green in 2018-2019. First off, I can highly recommend the "sushi taco" place near the tube. Also, "white horse" (on bethnal green road) had the best chicken kebab I've ever tasted. Hopefully those places survived the lockdowns.
  15. If they're going to play a stones song my best guess is that they will play jumping jack flash or a short interlude of angie or wild horses. Sympathy for the devil is a longshot for obvious reasons, but you never know.
  16. He could've absolutely stopped playing, don't know any professional guitar player that would've carried on with a guitar completely out of tune. He could've done just like slash when he notices that it's out of tune, tune it on the spot fast as hell (though I doubt that ashba has the ability to do so) or just let BBF or fortus play the intro while ashba tuned/switched guitars. Ashba is one of the few musicians I know of that makes my skin crawl.
  17. When I was watching some clips from this show I thought to myself that it was a long time since I heard the 1987-1988 Axl. Looked it up on youtube and was reminded of what a fucking voice he had! So unique and powerful. Just wow.
  18. Can somebody give me some context on this? What's the deal with that White bass?
  19. Thanks for the tip! I'll give those albums a go and if they're not to my liking I'll surrender to the fact that Radiohead just isn't for me.
  20. Radiohead- OK Computer I've never really paid attention to radiohead, but since this album has been given so much praise I listened to it from start to finish last week. I was pretty disappointed as I didn't really care for it. Sounded pretty boring and uninspired. Am I missing something?
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