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  1. I don't get it though, why would it come out at exactly the same time for every timezone on earth? That's not normally the case is it? For example, when Myles solo album came out a few months ago I already had friends in Australia listening to it many hours before it was midnight for me, when it also dropped for me.
  2. Really? That would be the first time I see a song coming out during the day on Spotify, I've never seen that before, it was always midnight when I saw new songs.
  3. Well songs always come out at midnight on Friday on Spotify, so due to my timezone if HS is really dropping now I'll know in 2 1/2 hours, way before the show. If it's not coming out, I see no reason why they would be playing it tonight but also NOT releasing it at the same time, that would just be extremely odd.
  4. What does it matter? And how would people outside the stadium know it's not some cover?
  5. And if it doesn't? You guys are nuts, HS is not coming tonight, just like it didn't in Vegas when it seemed so likely. This entire forum has been infected with Folie à deux. I've been hurt too many times by this same pattern of thought that I'm not falling for that shit again lol.
  6. Well the opening for Aerosmith was in summer/fall of 88, like 4 months before 89 even begun. But even at that point it was already showing, at those opening shows people were already saying how GNR blew away the headliner and massive amounts of people started buying tickets just to see GNR instead of Aerosmith. During that time or shortly after that but still in 1988, Rolling Stone was going to put Aerosmith on the cover but seeing the writing on the wall decided to change it to GNR instead.
  7. So what was said in this interview apart from Eddie being friends with Slash and Duff?
  8. I'm not getting too excited because there's too much overlap with SMKC IMO. They're releasing a single next month or so and then the album in February 2022 and then Slash tours it, I don't see something as monumental as a GNR album to not be the focus and coming out before that album. My money for an album is 2022, and if we're lucky HS this year as single.
  9. That was just the date when they accepted to play big shows, they were already offered headline shows in 89 but according to Slash they were burned out and needed a break after the AFD tour (the last show on that tour was a disaster). That does not mean their music was not everywhere and that everyone else was not trying to be like them at that point, 1989 had already spawned millions of GNR clones in the music world. There's that one quote from Duff where he said they came back from the road in 89 and suddenly everyone was dressed like them, lol.
  10. Yeah that's WTF right there. GNR were already the biggest band on the planet in 1989, over a full year or more before Steven was even fired.
  11. A new album is going to feel like this coming out at this point:
  12. Can you check if "Hard School" also lists GNR? That would debunk this theory, or confirm it. If "Hard School" also gives a result for GNR then that's proof to me that spotifys search engine functions like the google one, since "Hard School" would not be in the database.
  13. I don't buy it. This is in the same territory as the analysis of the reflection on a water bottle from GNR rehearsal back in March 2016 trying to "see" who's in the band. As long as no one knows exactly how the Spotify search engine works this is bogus IMO. What if it really has elements of google search in it?
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