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  1. Finally got to listen to it a couple times. It's not bad...but it isn't great either, maybe it will grow on me some. It has a catchy chorus, I dig the bass intro to it and Slash's slide solo is real nice. But it doesn't move the needle for some reason. I am glad they put it out though, I mean fucking hell after going on over 5 years since they reunited the fact we've gotten 2 songs out of them this calender year feels like a monumental Win, even if its largely re-worked, pieced together songs that are 20 years old.
  2. I tend to lean toward UYI I, if only because I think its the most consistent of the two. It flows better having mostly rockers that are only interrupted by Don't Cry and November Rain, It has the stronger closing with Coma and generally it doesn't have any weak songs. UYI II has maybe the greater collection of songs between the two, but man Shotgun Blues and Get in the RIng are the weakest songs off both albums, I almost always skip those. Plus, it also ends the weakest with Don't Cry Alt and the stinker that is My World.
  3. RIP to a certified legend, Charlie Watts. Gonna miss seeing him sitting behind the kit. But man what a life he lived, being the backbeat to arguably the greatest Rock n Roll band to have ever done it.
  4. God dammit. The riff and the Absurd line is so catchy lol.
  5. Of course it is. Everyone else knows they are hired hands
  6. This Fucking Band LOL! The fact that I don't hate this makes me feel a little icky. Seriously, only GNR could have taken a throway song from 20 odd years ago, throw Slash and Duff on it and release that as the first single since they reunited. I'm almost impressed at the absurdity of the whole thing.
  7. Instrumentally I kind of dig it. but them lyrics are pretty bad, so I'm gonna say no??...maybe??..lol
  8. I guess the novelty of them doing something/anything different is cool. And even the music being re-worked isn't bad, but man them lyrics were trash 20 years ago and they still are now lol. Kudos for effort, but man that bar is nearly to the floor with how they got us even a little amped for what amounts to a troll lol.
  9. oh boy, video of this show are tough to watch. This may have trumped Bridgeschool, Rio '17 and Berlin '18. Axl's voice was struggling to even hit screaming parts as early as ISE. He's awfully close to Vince Neil levels of bad singing, like he has to skip lines now he can't keep up.. My god, NR I don't think he sang lines in the same pitch or tone twice. I guess if there is a semblance of optimism it's that he may improve a bit as he sings more shows......Or not and this is truly his voice on its last legs.
  10. All things considered, this is pretty cool. I'm not gonna say this means anything like vault opening up or some sort of UYI anniversary release, but it's nice to see regardless.
  11. I couldn't help chuckle in amazement at this sentence. Its batshit insane to think about a 60 year old man being barred from visiting a website like some sort of child. Sucks they've now turned their attention on Brando and the AFD podcast. If they would rather focus their energy on things that prop the band up and get fan engagement, surely the band would be in a better place. But nah, they'd rather handle things like the rank amateurs that they are. They let the NU GNR lineup tank and lo and behold the three union is well on its way to with this tour struggling to sell and nothing of interest on the horizon.
  12. NicDwolfwood

    Bruno Mars

    Yeah, I've been curious on how much involvement Bootsy will have on the upcoming album as well. It would be a crime not to have a track with Bootsy laying down some bass. Yeah, that was a nice performance.
  13. NicDwolfwood

    Bruno Mars

    I'm not too into his music, but he's a good musician and I did really enjoy his track(Leave the door open) with Anderson .Paak. If they manage to put out that Silk Sonic album I'll definitely check it out.
  14. It's difficult to speculate because Axl is Axl, so I'm not sure what might have changed had he gone the solo route for a bit. He probably should have listened when everyone was telling him to step away and do a solo album while him and Slash were battling in what direction GNR should go after the Illusions tour ended. Maybe it would have been successful both critically and commericially and it would have put GNR away for a few years and we would have had a reunion in 99 or at latest 2002. In an ideal world, maybe him branch out into doing some sort of eclectic album that would allow him to experiment with all the stuff he was excited about at the time and taking time away from GNR might have given him a different perspective on what the band was about and what it could be without steering it too far away from where his bandmates were comfortable taking it. Maybe the band doesn't break up or at worst they take a few years break and reconvene in 99 or 2000 to make/release a great album and they go on to continue making albums and we have double the albums they have now and everyone is happy......... It's rather fruitless to speculate really, actually its kinda depressing to think what might have been had this band function even a bit normal. We've got what we got now and it is what it is.
  15. I think for me personally, it's not so much care as much as just morbid curiosity. I'll keep an eye out just to see if anything interesting happens. But aside from that my interest in this band has gotten about as low as it did in 2014. And that's a shame because atleast then the excuse was that guys who didn't even play on the classic material were in the band. But now with Slash and Duff back and it being more of the same is just super disappointing.
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