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  1. Love the locker version. I love the lasers, loud drums, vocal melody and bass. One of my go-to songs from the locker leaks, especially Josh drumming. IMHO, the locker version is my no. 1 song to open my fantasy chinese democracy album lol
  2. That Vegas trip was a dream come true. The meet up at some casino bar the night before was awesome, and hanging out with another hardcore fan dressed as young axl...... good times. Half a decade and no new music, does Axl realise he's wasting valuable time?
  3. So the best we can hope for is more leaks than new material?
  4. So, new tour in Oceania announced today.......... Does that mean the album is on the way..... Or, they need more money? Anyway, isn't Smkc recording album next year?
  5. Easily the best song on the album in my opinion
  6. Doing the same, except staying away from Bon Scott stuff, and big guns of Back In Black and FTATR. Cant stop listening to Flick of the Switch, such an underrated album. new clip of Demons Fire sounds AWESOME, really looking forward the release day; won't listen to it before purchasing it the old fashion way at the record store. Read somewhere that this won't be the last AC/DC album as angus has more malcolm demos to go through.
  7. He works on new music, all day, every day. As he said, he's not making all this music to not release it lol
  8. I was previously a fierce advocate for the village versions of the album songs, however, over time I am gradually moving to the anti/MSL leaks for my 'go to' versions. With saying that, when I have a spare hour, and intently listen with high quality headphones, and want to drift off into 'fantasy and dream of what could have been', nothing beats the Josh/pre RTB versions.
  9. Awesome. Liked his previous covers, so looking forward to this. However, to truly celebrate the man's work, and name, why not release one of his last songs he wrote with soundgarden?
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