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  1. On 02/04/2016 at 2:43 AM, DieselDaisy said:

    Guns N' Roses are now a corporate 'legacy act' and have been for some time, well back into the 'nu' era. The idea of new music from this band should be consigned to the dust bin.

    I held out hope that they would continue as a current band, in that, release new music and tour to support it, but unfortunately, I have to agree with you.  I wish it weren't true tho

  2. On 02/03/2016 at 7:32 AM, Subtle Signs said:

    It will be funny to watch hundreds of Forum posters (many of whom bashed Fernando and Beta to no end) kiss his ass in person in hopes of meeting Axl. I think Fernando should give a meet and greet with Frank Ferrer to the fan who has flown the furthest to attend the gigs.

    Ok. Who's Fernando, beta, and jarmo? Sorry in advance if this question is obvious and a bit simple 

  3. 4 hours ago, Axl_morris said:

    Im getting stick from my mates for going on my own. Its certainly a ballsy move, but i love GNR, its my thing and this experiance doesn't come around often.

    It probably wont live up to the hype but ill have a great time none the less.

    3 hours ago, BigD62 said:

    Bro, I am going by myself. Nothing wrong with that. All my friends either don't have the money or their wives won't let them go.

    Totally agree, nothing wrong with that, I'm flying this one solo too, only due to mates not having the money to fly from NZ.


    Going to vegas as I was not sure the band would ever make it to NZ.  And, I wanted to do one last rock 'n roll trip before I settle down with a mortgage around my neck (so to speak), and The Darkness are playing the following week which makes it an added bonus, and i have a VIP meet and greet  pass.   I am going to love vegas lol 


  4. In my opinion, I think they were the biggest band in the world during the illusion era.  This is based on media coverage, record sales, and concert ticket sales.  This is notwithstanding the fact that the music genre in vogue during the illusion era was grunge, ie nirvana and the accompanying seatlle sound, and yet sold a double album that reached no. 1&2 on the billboard charts

  5. 18 minutes ago, Subtle Signs said:

    No. People paid lots of money for these tickets. Most of us are too old for a riot. Also,many of the people there will be Vegas high rollers who get comp tickets,they are there to see WTTJ and SCOM,not to be involved in a riot.

    Yeah I agree, the fan demographic is different these days

  6. On February 6, 2016 at 5:52 AM, RussTCB said:

    There's a "Power Pass" of some sort available for buffets. I can't remember the details right now, but I'll look it up and post a link. 

    If I remember right, it's basically a flat fee you pay for however many days that gives you access to several of the best buffets. 

    This is genius, given the fact I'm flying from NZ, ill have little money left over, so having access to this will help big time.  Im keen

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