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  1. Not to mention the greatest instrumental EP of all time featuring: P.R.L, Real doll.com, tonto, Okalahama, and Moustache.
  2. If this "Next Chapter" is just more touring without a product, that's really sad. Have they no integrity? So frustrating
  3. I know, I was angry when she was announced for the upcoming Bond song lol
  4. This is definitely me too, only swap out 13 for paradise City. I might just use this mix for my upcoming road trip
  5. Not in America, and our media is limited. What's the latest with the Trump impeachment proceedings? What's the likely outcome?
  6. I was amazed that Billy won soo many awards.
  7. I hope its true. Do they normally, announce and release in that short time frame though? And if they do/can, this gives me hope re:GNR EP rumor.
  8. Just gotta say, I'm loving these conversations about Josh, and who is playing on these songs, really helpful. Thanks
  9. Quick questions regarding recent leaks: is it safe to assume that all the songs/Mixes, that josh played on, were beaven Mixes? And vise versa, all the beaven mixes, had josh on drums? And what dates did beaven start/end,. And RTB start/end. Thanks in advance for assistance with these questions?
  10. Part of me wants to believe new material will eventuate in March according to the rumor. However, 3 years since the reunion began, and nothing, suggests any new music is a pipe dream............and I'm starting to think, they don't want to release new music, just collect the loot of nostalgic touring, which, would be way more than any release anyway. Just an opinion, hope I'm wrong.
  11. Never heard of this movie, so googled it, and rotten tomatoes rates it at 100%. I'll definitely add it to the list.
  12. I have this on my list for some time in the next few weeks
  13. Masterpiece, cinema magic at its best. On another note, just saw The Gentleman today, the most Guy Ritchie, Guy Ritchie film lol, so good.
  14. My record collection is ancient, all old stones, beatles, Jimi vinyl from back in the day; and I just use a damp cloth and clean it in a circular motion. However I still get the "bacon and eggs" sound lol
  15. I would like to see one new single, then keep touring with a rotating song list that is different each night. Basically, not a nostalgic band, but a relevant band still kicking ass.
  16. Good movie, liked tarentinos attention to detail regarding the period
  17. I really want new music. However, don't believe it will happen with axl at the helm of the ship, but severely hope I'm wrong. This rationale is based on his history of releasing new music, doesn't need money, and tours selling well without it. I don't like this, however, it is what it is, unfortunately.
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