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  1. Hopefully they just rest and record. And I  don't care whether it's Axl /dc, smkc or gnr. (gnr recording would be wishful thinking given Axl's productivity history). 

    I hope they don't keep on touring after the new dates as without a product they are turning into a nostalgic band as opposed to a relevant rock band which is becoming rare on the charts today


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  2. If ac/dc was going to finish when Brian couldn't sing anymore, Angus would have announced it when the bass player left the band after the tour.  given no such announcement was made, IMO,  ac/dc will continue.   I believe that ac/dc generally like to tour a product,  ie, release new music before they tour as opposed to gnr, who tours without any new product.  So IMO, ac/dc will do a new album, and my money is on Axl singing given the success of recent tour. And someone said that the conspirators my reconvene in next 18 months, so this could be the time ac/dc drops new album.  If not, dreams are free lol

  3. On 25/08/2016 at 1:30 PM, SEPTEM said:

    Its so exiting to think that at some point, not too far from now, we're gonna be buying a "GUNS N' ROSES NEW ALBUM WITH AXL AND SLASH ON IT" ..


    Guns n roses is so ubique and special that theyre even helping us to understand that dreams come true, never say never,  never is too late to forgive,  and most important: U SHOULD NEVER BELIEVE U GOT ALL THE ANSWERS.

    Not trying to dishearten your dreams of a new gnr record, however, history has taught us that Axl is a perfectionist, and an album takes a very........... Long........... Time........... To make.  In my opinion,  the most we can hope for is a new song on a best of. 

    Although,  I hope Im wrong 


  4. Definitely attending, trying to obtain the VIP welcome to the jungle pit package. Hopefully it's not too close and I can take in the entire stage on my camera.

    Just checked out the ticketmaster website and there doesn't seem to be any options to purchase the packages? Is there a separate sites or not available at this time?


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  5. 2 hours ago, cremefraiche said:

    I'm not 100% yet, still early days and I'd like to hold out a little bit of hope for an NZ date as I'm spending a lot of money going to the U.S in october and am extremely broke atm haha. 

    I will make it to Sydney at the very least if they don't play NZ, but hopefully I'll be seeing them in Auckland :)


    I want pit tickets, however now that oz is announced and not NZ, i know I need to get in quick and I'm unsure if I should buy Sydney tickets, or wait for the Nz announcement, (if Nz is even going to be announced at all),??????? 

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