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  1. As soon as I saw the title and saw the word 'epiphany' being used with YCBM, I suspected some marijuana use. Upon reading the OP in full, I hold my head high with no doubt that I was correct.
  2. I agree 100% with that, as well as Richard’s part during the Slide solo being audible for once and I’ve never heard that before. Enjoyed the cheesy porno vibe to it
  3. The mixing made Rocket Queen sound like a brilliant effort from the band
  4. In the bridge, a few of the samples are blatant (Cool Hand Luke, MLK just two off the top of my head) but a few less so. Does anybody perhaps know where each of the snippets are from, preferably listed?
  5. Just received my money out of the blue from Ticketmaster... looks like it’s cancelled altogether then
  6. Anything noteworthy in the form of an update, or just pointless bickering? Anyone got a link to Fernando’s reddit too please?
  7. Are there any developments? Or is it just people bitching about CD as per...
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