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  1. Someone needs to tell Axl that despite a negative COVID test that doesn't mean he doesn't have COVID. Paul Stanley had two negative tests once he started having symptoms until he tested positive the third time.
  2. You tell 'em Russ, Chicago may be the Windy City, but Detroit is DETROIT ROCK CITY god damnit!
  3. These are the type of high quality probing inquires I come here for. Thanks for posting.
  4. No, unfortunately, you're wrong. Axl was not "rasping up" most songs. They were playing coma, but that doesn't make the show better, that means they played Coma. I was At Cincinnati in 2016 and I was at Indianapolis and the Indy show was a better performance by the band, especially Axl and its not even close. Seeing Adler was great, that made the show special for sure in Cincy. The slower tempos are infinitely better for the band's performance. But, you can have your opinion you preferred those shows, but Axl was not "rasping up most songs", that's just not accurate at all.
  5. I have one question...is this the same girl who swore she saw Izzy backstage at the Nashville show in 2016 and had a picture of him (pretty sure it was Nashville, Maybe Dodger Stadium). Either way.....?
  6. There were a lot of empty seats......the seats at Lucas Oil are blue and blend in with darkness. The whole upper two levels were not sold and the floor only had about 40 rows of seats (maybe half the floor). Therre was the stage, then the pit, then seating for about 40 or so rows....then the rest of the floor was open back to vending areas. So, half the floor was seating, half was taken up by the stage at one end, then open at the other end to concessions.
  7. Jason, I was kind of waiting on your to post something on your thoughts about this show b/c you have seen them several times on this leag and I hadn't seen them since St. Louis in 2017. But, I completely agree with what you've said here. I honestly think this is the best Axl show and show in general of the 5 I've now seen since 2016. Axl was avery active, all over the place on stage, really did not see that in any of the other shows I had been too (again from 2016 on). I heard rasp in some songs I hadn't heard in some time and did not once have a cringeworthy moment of vox that I usually hear in a few songs. NR particularly stood out as a song that I thought AXL had not done well in some time and was great. Estranged was mesmerizing. I could go on, but I won't. I went with 3 casuals and they were all terribly impressed and said it was one of the better shows they had seen in some time in general (covid aside). So glad they talked me into going as I had zero interest in going to this one originally.
  8. There's plenty suggesting they don't really "Hang out". Obviously they speak, but I am fairly certain it is less than what most other bands do it seems.
  9. Yah….not sure where you are getting this. They are never going to given an award as the most fam friendly band in the world. However, never got the feeling they have contempt for fans at all.
  10. Yah I wasn’t here for WVH….kinda worried the sound is gonna be shit.
  11. Correct, I think the deal with the city mandates the roof is closed for concerts. I went to U2 and I was closed for that show as well. It’s an absolutely perfect day here FWIW, sunny, not a cloud in the sky….80 degrees at 5:00
  12. They have the roof closed so doubt much will get out about soundcheck.
  13. https://twitter.com/LucasOilStadium/status/1435601639096950790?s=20https://twitter.com/LucasOilStadium/status/1435601639096950790?s=20https://twitter.com/LucasOilStadium/status/1435601639096950790?s=20https://twitter.com/LucasOilStadium/status/1435601639096950790?s=20
  14. Just to show you the kinds of games Ticketmaster plays with these ticket prices.....I upgraded 300 level tix at Indy last week to 100 level tix. My original 300 level tickets originally got put back up for sale at their original price ($89,as an original ticket). Over the weeekend they had changed these to resale tickets for slightly less than original tickets ($81)....today they are now "original" (not resale tickets) for $39.
  15. I will be there....this is my hometown show. Pit Tickets are still $250, but they have sold a good amount of tickets since lowering everything else to $90 and $40.
  16. Give up dude.....the band itself doesn't promote shit. This tour was advertised as an "All new Show" plain and simple. Why are you such an apologist.
  17. Yah, it actually was...I posted a commercial for the Boston show advertising "all new show"
  18. If you think Myles sings like Mickey (like Axl does at times), he isn't even close....sorry but these type of comments are just silly.
  19. It seems like it...but you can go back and look at the show threads to be sure
  20. Yes, I believe that is correct...not sure why everyone is fired up about it being tonight (it could be), but it's not any more likely tonight for any reason than any other show this tour as far as i can gather.
  21. Oh.....I thought there was something from them checking with screens today b/c what i saw they were off. That post you are talking about are from another sound check or something, I think it was posted before they even started sound check today.
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