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  1. Understand the point, but I just think folks look at it the wrong way. The music, songs are there regardless of the package(s) they arrived in. I happen to love most of the 30 songs. Only a few I'm not wild about. So the Illusions on the whole are just as great as Appetite to me. But for those that only like half of it -- or 12 songs as you put it -- should try to see things outside of a closed box. Who cares that the 12 songs were spread over 2 albums? It doesn't matter. The material is there. Magically eliminating the other songs doesn't somehow make the remaining ones any bet
  2. Does it matter what he does? He's earned enough money and lives in a free enough country to do whatever the hell he pleases, no? WTF do you (and many others) do all day besides bitch and whine about AXL not doing your bidding? The dude isn't an indentured servant to fans of his music. It seems like many of you are under the delusion that he is. Or that he somehow owes you something. He doesn't. The amount of narcissism that runs rampant over this topic is gargantuan and never-ending. I'd love to hear something new. But the guy doesn't owe it to me. I'm not entitled to anyth
  3. IDK if it was a slip up or not, but after talking about producing horror films and doing session work for others, he specifically said all of that work was in on top of original music for Guns N' Roses and SMKC. Skip to the 8;25 mark of the video. I think it's clear SLASH has been coming up with original guitar work for GN'R, it's just up to AXL whether or not that work will ever see the light of day. In other words, nothing we didn't already know. But he did verbally state "original music" and "GN'R" in the same sentence. And didn't relate it to the new pinball machine.
  4. You poor deprived baby. Maybe you should consider devoting all your time to following KISS? But something tells me you’d then complain about KISS’ level of output compared to some other band. Wash, rinse, repeat. I wonder if any of you entitled fans will ever get it through your head that these guys don’t have to do what you would like them to do. They’re not puppets and you’re not their puppet master. Quentin Tarantino has said many times he’s gonna stop making movies after his 10th. Does he not have the right to do that? And live off the career he’s already created?? Or is he
  5. I own an original too. It’s awesome! I’d love the Collector’s Edition, but apparently the 500 of them already sold. Bummer. Regarding pricing, those that are complaining just have no clue. The prices are inline with most newer pinball releases, specifically those from Jersey Jack. Hell, an original 1994 DE machine in good condition routinely sells for between 6-8K. In the video, they point out that the SE version price of $6750 is lower than was initially expected. And that is a pretty nice price point considering how much these machines typically go for brand new and on the sec
  6. Didn’t get what you wanted or thought you were entitled to, huh? There are greater tragedies in life. How about writing a letter to the band explaining to them how they should be at your beck and call and do your bidding? What a bunch of entitled millennials.
  7. Not as pathetic as a good portion of their snowflake fanbase.
  8. Only fans (allegedly) like this would find some angle to bitch, whine, and complain about. Par for the effing course. Funny how the collector’s edition has already sold out since, well, people can’t work or afford rent. Baffling. Bunch of snowflakes around these parts. Nothing better to do than mock and complain. About anything and everything. I mean, since the band doesn’t obey your commands of new music and seemingly doesn’t do a damn thing you like — wtf are people like you doing on a site dedicated to the band? Why do you waste your time here? Don’t answer the rhetorica
  9. No. But to be fair, if you take 5 other people with you it's less than $20 per person. Fairly close to theater prices nowadays, no? My guess is that Metallica and those that have done this previously set it up this way trying to encourage more people to attend rather than filling up the place with only 1 or 2 people per vehicle. For anybody that wants to go, it'd be idiotic to not try to carpool with others. I also wonder if another idea behind it is to help these theater's and other venues out during these trying times. Otherwise they could have just aired the show on pay-
  10. An anecdote I forgot to share about GILBY was one of the first behind the scenes documentaries I saw about him where he talked about preparing for his first show (the segment might be on one of the videos that was released, I don't recall for sure). Anyway, he talked about getting ready for the gig and the start time being "around" 8:30pm. So he was ready to go at 8:30 not yet knowing that it would be a couple more hours til AXL was ready to go on stage. I always found the strategic use of the word "around" to be funny. We all know what that means. But GILBY didn't quite yet.
  11. That, and he is pictured & featured in the pinball machine, not IZZY. So I'm sure that only adds to the confusion for layman fans. Count me in with those that really dig GILBY. He is just a very laid back dude. Makes perfect sense why he got along so well with SLASH. And he's a very good guitarist IMO. I was fortunate to see the band during the Summer of 1991 prior to the release of the UYI albums. So I saw IZZY once before he left the band in October of 1991 (I missed an opportunity to see them in 1988). I saw them again in 1992 and again in 1993, so I saw Gilby twice. As m
  12. I read about this in my local paper the other day. My understanding is that it's $115 per car, with up to 6 occupants. But regardless of whether it's one person, three, or six, it's still $115. So clearly you're better served going with some friends. That's $19.17 per person for 6. However, from what I read, the show won't be live streamed and will be filmed beforehand. And will then be shown at drive-in theaters and fairgrounds all across the country on August 29th. From another article I just read: Seems kinda cool, but, at the same time, I don't get why th
  13. Sans re-issues, there hasn't been an official new release bearing the GN'R name in nearly 12 years. The current lineup has been together and touring for over 4 years now. I think all you 'new material' guys have your answer already, you just don't like it.
  14. Absolutely, they are. I actually somewhat liked Creed back in the day, but much prefer Myles Kennedy to Scott Stapp. And now AB to Creed. I really dig Mark Tremonti's style and think he and Myles work really well together. That's another other thing I appreciate about Myles is how differently he compliments Tremonti and SLASH. Those two bands are so completely different. But I like them both.
  15. Totally agree. To preface, I am as hardcore a GN'R fan as anyone. IMO vintage AXL is the best rock & roll voice I've ever heard. I had no clue who Myles Kennedy was until I went to one of SLASH's shows in 2010 at the Warfield Theater in SF for his solo album. At the show I then realized, "ok this is the guy that sings Starlight and Back to Cali". Which just happened to be among my favorite songs on that album. After the show, I began investigating and listening to Alter Bridge, who I was only luke warm to for a while. But over time, I've grown to really love AB and, by proxy
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