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  1. For the 1000th time, ever since Janet Jackson slipped a nip, the NFL decided it wasn’t into surprises. The performances are now required to be lip synced. The Red Hot Chili Peppers with guitars not plugged in, spawning the No Trickery line from Axl... that’s why the halftime shows are garbage now. Do we have to go over this every fucking year?
  2. I ordered a UYI2 T-shirt and the CD. I don’t see where people are getting that Absurd is a live track? It doesn’t say that. Or is that on the vinyl?
  3. I’ve been to 10. Enjoyed every single one of them. 8/9/88 Weedsport NY- AFD lineup, opened for Aerosmith. This was one week before they taped the PC video in NJ 6/10/91 Saratoga Springs NY- Adler out, Sorum in. We were the crowd chanting “get in the ring” on UYI2. Skid Row opened 7/25/92 Orchard Park NY- Izzy out, Gilby in. With Metallica and FNM 11/12/11 Kansas City- Ashba/ Bumble lineup. Adelita’s Way opened- Shittiest band I’ve ever seen at a big show 6/12/13 Kansas City- in a theater on a Sunday night. Axl came off his tour bus and ran into the back door of the theater way before the show, about 15 feet from me on the sidewalk, and gave me the peace sign. Did VIP and met Dizzy, Frank, Ashba. Got an autographed Axl poster that now hangs in my house 5/14 Vegas- No Trickery. Forgot which show 4/8/16 Vegas- we all know about this one 6/29/16 KC 7/27/17 St Louis 10/7/19 Wichita
  4. VH covering ZZTop... I never knew this was out there...
  5. Yeah but Legend has it Shooter Jennings was asked to join the original version of VR... there is no doubt he loves GnR.
  6. Listening to Shooter Jennings show on Outlaw Country 60 on Sirius radio just now... he played it! 🍻 First time I’ve heard it in the wild besides me clicking play on my phone...
  7. Yeah I love this Evel Knievel artwork for this show. I’m old enough to remember watching him live on tv when I was a kid. The Evel Knievel museum is in Topeka near where I live. It’s so cool- got tons of his bikes, Sky cycle prototype, his old semi trailer/ RV thing where he hung out before shows, helmets and leathers, you name it. Awesome museum.
  8. I’m really surprised nobody is talking about Axl’s comments from the stage before and after Absurd at MetLife the other night. What do you think he means when he says “ahhh that’s right. A spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down”... Old Axl is back baby
  9. So very disappointed to hear this yesterday. We have tickets for Aug 8 to see George Thorogood, ZZ Top and Willie Nelson in Bonner Springs KS. I was so excited to see ZZ. Never seen them before. Haven’t heard what the deal is with the show yet. Only like 10 days away- seems quick to figure out who will take his place... hopefully we at least get to see Billy and Frank but it won’t really be ZZ in my book...
  10. Me n @Whiskey Rose saw Hank Jr in Topeka the other night. It was awesome
  11. If you look thru all the pages of this thread, I guarantee you can’t go more than 2 pages without me posting a Hank Jr song... I don’t know what that says about him or me, but it seems awesome that he’ll be the first show I’ll see since covid...
  12. Gonna be so awesome to hear a couple notes on Trigger n then hear Willie sing, “Whiskey River take my mind”...
  13. We also have our 2nd show lined up- George Thorogood, ZZ Top, n Wllie Nelson in Bonner Springs KS July 7.... good to be going back to shows!
  14. It’s official- got our tickets in the mail yesterday... the first show me n @Whiskey Rose will see post covid- Bocephus in Topeka KS! Probably won’t drink too much beer that night...
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