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  1. I don’t know how to post a FB post here, but Richard is selling a huge number of guitars and amps on something called the Chicago Music Exchange... if I could’ve posted it, it’s a moving truck full of guitars and amps for sale it appears to me... Pretty stark example of the economics of rock n roll. One day you’re a rockstar with 799 guitars, the next you’re in a pawn shop... that’s the way I see it- if anyone knows more about it, please chime in.
  2. Countdown to 420 so I’m told
  3. Wish I’d have seen an old Shaver show... these old shows were every bit as wild as old gnr of Metallica shows of the same era... just different. But you had to be tough, or else don’t bother
  4. Sometimes you just open up YouTube and crazy shit is there for you... trust the algorithm... there’s an album name for ya
  5. Sounds pretty cool, and it’s coming out on 4/20, so... I’d say he’s a chip off the same old block...
  6. I think this is an old cover song, but Charley Crockett is definitely coming up in the world...
  7. My favorite Colter Wall song. 🍻
  8. I was thinking about the last live show I’ve been to. It was Colter Wall at the Granada in Lawrence KS... this song was awesome. The whole crowd was stomping to the bass drum. I’d never have dreamed it would be the last show for a year and a half...
  9. Hopefully in a couple months, things will resemble normal, and @Whiskey Roseand I can uber to downtown Lawrence KS, catch an up n coming country band, and I can tie one on like the old days...
  10. I’ve posted this one before a while back... dude knows what he’s talking about... his newer stuff keeps getting better n better
  11. My parents got married in 1956, so a year before this. I used to listen to original Sun record singles by the Killer, Elvis, Cash etc on my older sisters record player in the mid 70s... rock n roll mfrs
  12. My parents liked Dwight yoakum and saw him live. I heard this one today and thought she’d like me to post it
  13. A couple weeks ago, my mom passed away at the age of 83. She was tough as hell, and that’s a fact.
  14. Forecast calls for Hank (generation unknown 1-3)
  15. Sometimes it seems things get too pussified out here in the world... have pity in a dinosaur
  16. Here’s a power hour soundtrack... 🍻
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