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  1. 4 minutes ago, Pele said:

    No, I believe a 'concept' was proposed featuring a hybrid of new and reworked songs.

    I don't think it was rejected.  I think he failed to complete it.

    Yes that's the point.

    They were finished.

    Now where's the rest?  They don'e exist because they were never finished.

    It's no coincidence that the 2 new singles came from the 4 options.  

    You use a lot of words just to say a whole lot of nothing, my friend.

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  2. 30 minutes ago, Pele said:

    My opinion obviously.

    I wouldn't class a 10 track album 'great' if it consisted of the following:

    • OMG (dreadful 20 years ago, worse today)
    • Silkworms (dreadful 20 years ago, worse today)
    • Atlas (utterly unremarkable filler, like Catcher but worse)
    • Perhaps (decent enough ballad)
    • HardSkool (decent to listen to, although cheesy as hell and sounds like it belongs on Glee with an Avril Levine type singing it)
    • Any Duff song (guaranteed to be horrendous as always)

    That’s fine it’s your opinion, but you stated it like my opinion was objectively wrong.

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  3. It sounds like there is a full CDII on the way at least. Unless “a lot of material” is Absurd and HS. I’m still hopeful because I’m excited to hear CDII, but at the same time why can’t this band write one original song in 6 years? Axl is the laziest motherfucker in the industry…

  4. 2 hours ago, Martin Riggs said:

    He says in other press releases for the new single that this was one of 2 or 3 songs written during the pandemic. Others were previously written. Apparently The River is Rising was the last song written and the first recorded for the album. 

    Edit: Interesting that in the interview above Slash also states the next record is already written. Ha dude never quits.

    I wonder how many SMKC albums were gonna get before a new GNR album.

  5. 1 hour ago, RussTCB said:

    HS has less than 2 million views because, despite insane claims from some users on here a few weeks ago, GN'R are not close to the most popular band in the world right now. 

    There's a passing interest in the band from casual fans and zero interest from a new/younger fan base. There's a lot of factors that go into where the band is but I maintain that the biggest reason is lack of any sort of proper promotion. 

    There's a million different ways to remain relevant and in the public eye, but GN'R isn't really interested in that. They want to take the path of least resistance that leads to the easiest money. 

    So that's how you end up with the first new material from GN'R in 13 years (featuring Slash to boot) being DOA in the public eye. 

    Can’t wait for everyone in interviews to be like “music never sells…there’s no market for new music” regarding a new album despite them doing fuck all in promotion. We all know that excuse coming.

  6. My biggest fear is that the single comes out in what, 6 months? Are they really going to have that be a choice and than an album drops out of nowhere while we’re waiting for that?? Would this album be late 2022 then? The HS single release fucks all of that in my opinion.

  7. 24 minutes ago, Pele said:

    It would also be a huge FY to any fan who had been patiently waiting for a new album with some good songs.

    It's horrendously insulting to release a 'new' song that he knows the fanbase already hates, simply because he couldn't be bothered to record any new vocals, but it's like Stockholm Syndrome here.  The expectation is so low you are grateful for a 20 year old throwaway and all is forgiven.

    Silkworms was not a throwaway, to Axl at least. Maybe in the eyes of fans, which is fair, but Axl played it live 4 times in 2001 and was always pretty excited about it, and said he wanted to release it as a single many times. I don’t think it was a throwaway in his eyes.

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  8. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. I’m sure a new album will happen eventually but let’s not try to look into stuff like this, it probably means nothing. I’d expect another single or two in a few years before an album, there’s just no proof to say an album is actually on the way.

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