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  1. Easy there, we just got 2 new songs since 2008. Maybe in the 2030’s we can revisit this.
  2. A song that’s released, in my opinion, isn’t a demo. It would personally be lame to me to see it redone with Slash and Duff.
  3. Anyone else hope they bring back Catcher permanently? Axl sounds awesome with it for his current voice. He has more passion playing this than HS I feel as well. It’s a beautiful song, great vibe.
  4. I knew that about the CD songs- where was it said Axl wanted to sing Slither though? I find it hilarious everyone assumes Axl is some dictator with CD songs but he didn’t even force it upon them! Blame Slash and Duff if you don’t like the songs, because they clearly do. And they’re great songs.
  5. Hell yeah, bring all the Chinese songs back!!! Fucking awesome. Hope they bust out TWAT and Prostitue
  6. Oh I agree. I don’t consider this an EP personally at all. It just isn’t to me. It’s a bonus-type release. I was curious if it was though by technical definition and I think my conclusion is that it is :/
  7. I think by technical definition this is an EP, correct? (Not saying it’s worthy of the title, just asking if technically this would count as one)
  8. I agree. I think Perhaps would've been the best choice. Easy to sing verses, just a little mickey in the chorus and it would be easy to get by. HS I'm glad to hear but god it's brutal for Axl. Not an easy song at all.
  9. I would be happy with that. Throw us a double single every year or so and we have a pretty good thing going on. The shows stay fresh, hardcore fans are thrown a bone, and after so many years we pretty much have a new album. 2022: Perhaps/Atlas 2023: General/Soulmonster 2024: Seven/Zodiac
  10. I think what's so strange to me is that Axl sounded WAY better on the verse in the Mexico 2020 soundcheck. It was shaky but he had some control over his mid range.
  11. No one talked about this track really ever. I wonder if it was considered to be a B side or something of the such. Axl never really seemed excited by it which is why I think it took so long for this song to be played live. Never talked about it besides addressing the name. I think since he was trying to be innovative in the CD era he wasn’t too inspired by this track since it sounded like old Guns. These are just my two cents but I get the feeling Axl doesn’t care that much about this song.
  12. Guns in 2021 are great. I was pretty much checked out after 2019. But this year has been amazing. 2 new, great songs. Axl sounds as good as he’s gonna get probably at this point. Things aren’t perfect and I definitely make fun of the band here or there but all jokes aside this has been a phenomenal time to be a Guns fan. Props to management and the band for turning things around.
  13. Hard Skool unfortunately exemplifies the fact that Axl’s mid range is gone. It’s just not coming back. I think he’s doing good with what he has left in the tank.
  14. Is this the closest we’re gonna get to Eye on You live? All jokes aside I’m really glad they played it. Sounded pretty good overall, pretty damn difficult for Axl it seems though.
  15. Robins solo is so exceptional to me that I struggle to see how Slash can overdo it. I make that judgement over how he butchered the TIL solo every night early on in the tour. If he sat down and wrote a solo it still might be tough to top Finck’s solo- Finck was a sloppy live player but had some of the best GNR studio solos I’ve ever heard.
  16. There are 100% songs with vocals after 99. Pele doesn’t know what he’s talking about, plain and simple, and has brought this attention to this theory purely because he states it in every thread possible until he annoys the living shit out of everyone. There are songs with vocals after 99. The General, Soulmonster, like half of CD? The band were preparing to release a record in 2015. There were more than 4 songs on there, I promise you that. And definitely songs we haven’t heard of or knew about.
  17. To me, it’s no contest GNR. Axl sounds pretty bad vocally sometimes but he’s still Axl. He’s still one of the best frontmen of all time, and the GNR setlist is fucking great. Yeah there’s some covers and KOHD but even KOHD is great live in my opinion. I’m not as invested into SMKC music. It’s good, but doesn’t have the same meaning and emotion to me. It’s a solid band though. Would definitely see them if they came to town and it was a good price. GNR will always be better to me though.
  18. If someone doesn’t want to listen to the song, let them be. I am the biggest fan of the CD era and I won’t judge someone for a second if they’re not. @Tom-Assand I don’t always agree but he’s 100% a fan and his opinions are pretty fair.
  19. It’ll have competition from “rock” bands like Imagine Dragons and bullshit like that. People consider rock bands anything with a guitar and a bass nowadays. Guns are a bunch of geezers at the Grammys, I don’t see how they make the cut
  20. I doubt it. Rock music isn’t commercially relevant (at least for the Grammys), let alone a band as old as GNR. GNR has also done fuck all in terms of promotion which doesn’t bode well.
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