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  1. This would be a pretty good shirt to sell at GNR shows honestly
  2. Yeah, pretty much. No way they just it out 6 shows before the end of the tour. If it wasn’t going to happen in Chicago it wasn’t meant to be.
  3. Man that litho is great. I fucking love that haha. Seeing that will make up for my inevitable disappointment when HS gets cut for the 30th time
  4. I could see a string of like 10 dates for a Vegas residency in like November. They’re having so much fun playing I imagine they would want to do something
  5. Axl is like that uncle who tries to be hip and cool but just ends up being embarassing
  6. As much as I want to believe in HS this week, I bet it’s just because they read what’s floating around on google and not because they were actually sent or know anything. Im not letting Lucy trick me with that football again.
  7. Rock the Rock, This I Love Remix, there were a decent bit of CD vocals recorded after 2000, Sebastian Bach sessions, etc. just because we don’t see it doesn’t mean it’s untrue.
  8. Yup. Then they’ll return in 2022 hoping to hear a new album and we’ll get a new Duff cover and maybe an Axl cover if we’re lucky, then rinse and repeat.
  9. They should go back to Iowa so Axl can do a rant about the fuckheads there complaining about the setlist.
  10. I want to feel like this, but I feel too burned out by the band and wanting to hear this song. I have been following every show since 2019 hoping for it, and a certain point I feel like I just need to move on from it.
  11. It’s a big fuck you to the band from Axl. Slash and Duff put some serious care into re-working it. They play it all the time in rehearsal and are clearly excited, Meegan and Susan post it here or there. But nope. Axl just never wants to play it.
  12. By the time it’s released we’ll all be dead. Not in this lifetime.
  13. This is our future as GNR fans. Every show until their retirement we’re going to be wondering if they’re going to play it or not.
  14. They played Nothing???? CD II starts now
  15. Maybe another band should cover Hard Skool, and after the lead singer passes, they will want to play it as a tribute.
  16. It’s tough to say since the CD era doesn’t have a definitive studio lineup. I really loved the players on the ‘99 discs. However I think nothing beats UYI lineup for me overall in a studio. Live it’s probably Axl/Dizzy/Pitman/Brain/Bumble/Finck/Stinson/Fortus. The 2002 lineup instrumentally is a bit better but Axl’s voice kinda takes me out of it a bit, so I preferred this lineup. The NITL lineup is pretty damn good as well.
  17. Who knows with this band. A few weeks ago I’d agree but nothing is a guarantee. It probably will happen at some point but I feel like we’ve just been trying to line up stars recently.
  18. If HS was going to happen on Thursday, no way they’d just postpone the release of a single a few hours before the release. I don’t buy that. Maybe it’s just a bad understanding of the industry but I struggle to see how you can just cancel the release of a digital single a few hours out. I’m positive we just talked ourselves into it and also got cock teased by Slash, who either found it funny to mess with us by posting it. No way he wouldn’t understand how that’d tease the fan base. So the questions remain, why does Spotify show GNR with Hard Skool? Beats me. I don’t doubt it’s in the database, and don’t doubt it might come eventually, but it could also just be some algorithm bullshit. Either way, I’ve given up hope for Hard Skool. They’ve had 101 times they could’ve debuted it since 2019, and they clearly just don’t want to play it. I don’t know how many times you can soundcheck a song without playing it. At this point it’s probably just warm up for them or just a fucking running joke. Fuck, man. I just want to hear some new music from this band. Absurd was a step in the right direction and now we’re just falling to the same despair we were as a fanbase for the past few decades. It sucks. Hard School is one of my favorite GNR songs and I’m just sick and tired of it being teased, rumored, whatever.
  19. I wish someone recorded the whole soundcheck with Axl vocals. Probably the closest we’re going to get to a live performance.
  20. I’m nearly positive they’ve soundchecked HS again. They’ve done it every show this tour as far as we know. It doesn’t mean anything if they play it or not, we’ve also figured out.
  21. I felt the exact same way. The only reason it sounded bad to me was because you could tell it was unintentional. I’d love it if he sang YCBM and Better in this way. As is, they’re low points in the show. Better can sound “okay” once in a while, YCBM is embarassing.
  22. Depressing that they just dropped these. They sounded good. Would’ve been good replacements for Better and YCBM, easier to sing and Axl sounded pretty solid. I’m really curious why they just gave up on these, guess we’ll never know.
  23. Fuck, this is so sad to look at. Hard Skool, PTU and TAY all in the main set. All gone when they return in 2021. This band is such a disappointment.
  24. Yeah, it’s not happening. They clearly don’t want to play it. By they I mean Axl. It’s been in the alt list for 2 years, why would he want to play it now all of a sudden?
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