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  1. Looks like a relatively smaller venue than rest of the tour. Axl might not need to strain as hard.
  2. I was just thinking about that. If Axl doesn't have the range anymore to lay down record quality vocal tracks in the studio, then why not use the technology? Deep fake the rasp. I would have no problem with this.
  3. This is NOT an EP. This what us folks from the 80's and 90's refer to as......"a single."
  4. He sounded alright to me. I think the Mickey Mouse singing style might be better if the band tunes up a half step.
  5. The whole band and crew have a family type of vibe and it's resonating to the audience.
  6. Agreed. I am impressed because I thought that the elevation might have had an impact on him. I'm not too much worried about Denver now. On a side note, Slash is doing more improvisation on guitar solos lately and I dig it.
  7. I think he needs to improve his cardio in my opinion. Sky would be the limit for his vocals at that point.
  8. This song reminds me so much of How Bazarre by OMC. 😆
  9. The visuals from the YouTube video remind me of visions I had while tripping off of DMT.
  10. Axl will be alright. Yes, he struggled in the last show and he knows it. But his body language didn't show any signs of loss of confidence in his ability. Plus, Axl has a track record of following up a "bad" performance with a good one.
  11. I have definitely made contact with entities while freebasing. I'm one who believes that these are entities from a spiritual realm.
  12. Well so far, I have been to two Ayahuasca retreats and both were amazing. If I could recommend one thing, it would be for everyone to add an Aya ceremony to their bucket list. Other than that, I freebase it pretty often. All have been incredible experiences.
  13. Over 3 years since I've made this post. I can now say I am a seasoned traveler.
  14. Yep. They're a nostalgia band at this point. I don't think they are inspired enough to make a decent album anymore. I really just want the release of "Perfect Crime" and then I will be happy.....unless it sucks.
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