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  1. For me Axl’s stage performance during the UYI tour is one reason. Axl live during his prime is untouchable.
  2. I appreciate the education of facts on Mike Patton. However, Axl is vastly more talented than Mike Patton.
  3. Sure. You’re correct, Mike Patton is universally recognized by his peers as one of the greatest vocalist/frontman in the history of rock music. Ok.
  4. You’re correct, it is mostly men. I never thought about it.
  5. Are you attending? I think it’s “blinding white hot tears”.
  6. The name does make it sound epic. I was extremely disappointed when I heard the song. It’s grown on me. But still nothing like I imagined.
  7. It would be awesome for GNR to be the first major band to play concerts in the US.
  8. And that might be the reason GNR does a limited number of shows. If GNR did any tour of stadiums this year, even if it was limited to say 6 shows, would sale out and bring a lot of attention to GNR. If GNR marketed it correctly it would get a lot of press. The whole world would be watching.
  9. I imagine the whole industry is hoping the band can salvage some July and August dates. But, this is not welcome news. It will only take one Stadium/venue to scare others into folding this year entirely.
  10. Thank you for this info. That’s not a good sign at all. Even fall concerts are iffy. Well damn.
  11. It’s so odd GNR cancelled the Dallas show. I’m aiming for that show as well. Wrigley staff told me they return to Wrigley June 1st or July 1st at the latest. Currently 25% capacity for baseball games.
  12. This is unfortunately true. Duff, Slash and even Ashba said Axl has all kinds of great material that they have heard, but as time wears on it feels like bullshit.
  13. Everybody knows about the great rock songwriters prior to 1980 and I know there are many knowledgeable forums members here on MYGNR. So who is your top ten list since 1980 and I’m strictly speaking songwriter. Not who is a great Frontman or great voice or presence.
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