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  1. Does anybody know why tickets for Chicago are not for sale online? It’s been two days
  2. That’s not accurate. Axl was once one of the most driven artists on the planet. Axl put a 100% into GNR. You don’t where Axl is without a 100% effort. Not to mention his life performances, which are second to none in rock history.
  3. I’m fully aware other bands have concert posters. I didn’t mean it was unique or specific to GNR. Fernando said on that Dischord video that he was personally responsible for bringing Litho to the tour. I have no reason to believe he was lying. Everything you said about TB is accurate, though. TB doesn’t bother me at all. I know a few GNR diehards who know nothing about TB or Fernando. I do hope GNR retire soon.
  4. I enjoyed your post. But, even during the UYI tour it was Axl’s way or no way. And, during that era Slash and Duff had equal say, but not really when it came down to it. I recently read interviews with members of Pearl Jam and they all openly spoke how Eddie Vedder wrestled control of the band during the Vitology album. The band further explained that much later and now it makes sense that it’s Eddies band, so I don’t think it’s exclusive to Axl that a lead singer of a major band exerts powerful influence of the band. Duff has gone on record to state he is a member of the band in every sense o
  5. Agree, but you don’t think Dizzy is a member above the rest? Or, that he is at least viewed by Axl as somewhat significant?
  6. There is no chance of Matt. I assume that fact was made perfectly clear to him and that’s one reason he wrote all that salacious shit in his book. He knew the bridge was burnt.
  7. What about the fact that those are hired hands? Surely, Slash and Duff can do as they please. Duff has given quite a few interviews and answered some decent GNR questions. Slash, too.
  8. Iam not wearing a mask for many reasons. One being, it wound just ruin the experience for me. However, I’m nervous about 40k in one area. I’ve had COVID and it kicked my ass. I don’t want it again. Was there crowd more hyped than usual after the long absence of shows? I’m hoping the audiences are more lively after the long absence.
  9. I’ve never had a problem with TB, but some of this sounds like a strange power trip. But, Axl has always been interested In what these forums say and do, so he probably trips on the podcast too. It’s all whatever. Axl is turning 60 and seriously can’t have much of a career left at this point.
  10. Wait, please tell me that Axl didn’t hear about this and have some kind of mystical reaction to his aura being harmed?
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