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  1. 6 minutes ago, bdinan said:

    That pretty much sums up Bon Jovi these days, especially without Sambora. Sambora is just as - if not more important to their sound and overall appeal than Slash is/was to GNR, in my opinion. 



    If we get any sort of surprise, probably in the encore. Not really banking on it. Probably get the usual suspects. 

    Agreed, whilst Phil X was solid he is a hired gun just like DJ or BBF. Slash's sound is pivotal to the band but he has definitely changed his sound since his return IMO. 

  2. 4 hours ago, Tom-Ass said:

    I personally could care less if they ever play Hard School or any other CD stuff but does anyone think it is really a good idea to premiere a  brand new song live these days?  Chances are that Axl won't sound good and it is going to be blasted ALL OVER the internet with all eyes on it.  It good be shooting themselves in the foot and be kind of embarrassing like Slither and Black Hole Sun.. It was a very rare opinion that those songs sounded good at their first attempts... If ever.. I thought Slither got better after about the 10th time and I enjoy it but I wouldn't say Axl sounded good on it.  It isn't like when they were playing UYI tracks before that album came out.. Axl could handle it back then and they generally sounded great.. No one was going to hear the shit either unless they obtained a bootleg.

    Unfortunately I get the feeling that any new originals we hear on this tour (hard school may be the only one) are going to be from the CD sessions. Slash reworked off course. 

  3. Just now, Sydney Fan said:

    Yess russ he has put on weight and while its easy to compare him now to the rail thin athletic axl of the early 90s and 06, you cant say the extra weight doesnt impact on his breathing and diafram as part of his singing technique. 

    The guy loves fried chicken, who doesn't? He's a fucking legend who cares? 

  4. 7 minutes ago, Sydney Fan said:

    I would prefer a no frills show approach, but i know the solos are for a reason. As the palladium was a shorter set we will see what the overall setlist looks like at the next show. Also if they do an oz show next year, hopefully they wont be late playing melbourne again.


    They should do next year you would think. Problem I have is it will be the same setlist. Coma was cut from the set due to the late start. Bad traffic, Axl wanted to walk from Crown along the river to get to the show on time but management said no. They also asked for a police escort apparently.  

  5. 3 hours ago, Eddie Money said:

    I tend to agree, however you and I know what to expect.  I’m wondering what it would feel like as a casual fan who is seeing it for the first time.  

    Agree too somewhat, issue is let's say here in Melbourne they come back next year & sell out 80,000 at the MCG with the same set as 2017 three years later? Even the casual fans amongst that 80,000 will bitch & moan. Everyone on this forum will see them no matter what but the set is definitely overdue for a refresh  

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