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  1. Iron Maiden - Senjtusu - about 50 times in the loop Jinjer - Wallflowers - about 20 times Michael Jackson - Invincible Pearl Jam - Ten
  2. You describing Axl here? 🤣 Just a thing I forgot to say, MJ is guilty for my love for GNR. I heard about them, but did't take them for granted until I saw Slash mentioned on Dangerous CD... and after I saw BRAVO magazine with Slash - only then I connected dots and my discovery of GNR started...
  3. So, Australia and New Zeland are going to be large prisons forever then?
  4. Oh,I did, but never got into HIStory or Invincible... Man In The Mirror - I could listen it on the loop whole day...
  5. MJ was 1st artist I really listened. I was 10, MTV played his videos every few hours.. I remeber our national TV broadcasted 1 song from opening evening of Dangerous tour... Video for In The Closet was aired in the end of main news on national TV... Concert from Bucharest I recorded on VHS and learned it from thr start to the end... Was very disapointed and angry when parents didn't allow me to go to Vienna Concert with best friend and his older sister (now I understand, wewere country at war and I was only 11)... After that, soon I started listening GNR, Maiden and Metallica so wasn't really cool to be MJ fan anymore ...
  6. Well Load & ReLoad are 2 great albums just as they are now... While Justice is my favorite Metallica album, I don't want 10 of these...
  7. Yes, sound is odd, as it was on TBOS... But I find song better than last 2 albums... I have it on loop whole day now, so I don't know what song is 1st and what last But I like Stratego, The Time Machine and the last 3 most... They could without seaguls so it would fit on 1 CD
  8. Well since Talibans are good guys now, i must trust them when they say that U.S. troops killed child in attack today... Soo, U.S. are terrorist now or what?
  9. Hope the rest of us will learn what you get when helping americans... Abkut Afghans, lucky ones will somehow come to Europe, some will join Talibans, some will join ISIS, and many will become slaves or be killed... Price of US spreading democracy and fighting terorism...
  10. If it wasn't sad it would be funny how overnight Talibans became good guys who protect peoole from ISIS-K... And they cooperate with U.S. after 20 years of "war"... What a surprise... Just feel sad for people who live there, and who belived their "american friends" were there for help...
  11. Well fuck. If I seepic ofmyself as baby I wouldn't recognize myself... if he didn't brag around that is him on cover, and he recteated pic every 5 years noone would know it's him... i hope he loses and court expences fall on him....
  12. I prefer Stratego over TWOTW... Also last few weeks Beast Over Hammersmith, BBC archives and now Best Of B sides added on Apple Music \O/ It's good to be IM fan lately
  13. Why would it be strange that people don't know about a band that was on top for 5 years 30 years ago... like I was familiar with 60s top acts in my teenage years during 90s...
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