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  1. I for one think that Trump should start holding rallies again. Big, beautiful rallies. As giant a venue as he can get. Pack them in. Standing room only. Talk about how the libtards are trying to tank the economy and take their guns and shut down their churches. Make them yell and spit and sweat. Liberate!
  2. Good interview. My main takeaway might be that Izzy Stradlin is the only musician on the planet that isn’t “close friends” with Eddie Trunk.
  3. Guns are in the sweet spot right now- people will pay up to revel in nostalgia for a few hours every few years, but the band has little cultural relevance so they can act pretty much any way they want. The media doesn't need this band to get clicks- they have Meghan Markle and Beyonce and whoever the hell now. Also Guns n Roses treating their fans like shit is not exactly surprising or unexpected. These guys are assholes? NEWS AT 11!
  4. Look, TB is terrible. They have always been terrible and they will always be terrible. But everyone need to remember that the real fault lies with the band itself. Beta is just some uneducated man-nanny who, with a little bit of power, has acted like, well, an uneducated man-nanny. Without Axl letting her be an unofficial mouthpiece, she is nothing. Without Slash and Duff counting their monies and looking the other way, she is nothing. This band has always thrived on creating abusive relationships with its fans. And we just keep on paying. "Thank you sir, may I have another?"
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